Red Beam Coming Through Clouds From Space In Canada

This is not a flare from an oil refinery in Canada.

Canada has bared witness to this unbelievable and very intriguing "Alien looking red beam of light" or plasma coming through the clouds over Edmonton, Canada. It was bursting through the clouds not long ago actually, only in January 2019 and it originated in space.

This red plasma beam (or laser) must be coming from space and it must have a source originating at an intelligently made source and that's based on the fact that these lasers do not appear naturally in any way, shape or form in clouds!

Huge and long red laser or plasma beam coming down from space over Canada.

Like in the video someone mentions "HAARP" and I immediately thought that too? Is this HAARP operating in space or operating in Canada firing up in to space? It's very strange and very interesting anomaly and what has the government got to say about this? Considering it really only just happened the government might not know lol?

Someone in the Instagram post actually said it's a flare from an oil refinery. I really don't think that flares behave like this, do you? Since when do flares look like a light sabre? Since when do flares have a vertical line of light. That is not a flare.

Here is the red beam over Canada image.

There's no known source in the known universe that we live inside of and in the visible spectrum of the light wavelength where this occurs naturally - so it must be either man made or Alien made in origin and that's just "the top and bottom of it".

Beams of light like this are rare but not unheard of (see blow story) and if I'm not mistaken even they was never successfully identified?

Below is the video showing the red beam of light coming down from the sky or space (where else can it come from up there):

So after doing some research I came across an amazing piece of information that the International Space Station was actually "thought to be under attack" when a UFO apparently fired a "red beam of light" at it! Sound familiar...

How much of a coincidence is that?

Well, as you may know I don't really believe in coincidences - because everything starts off with a movement, intention and as you know everything has a reaction so it's either on purpose or inadvertently happened either way it's all part of the reaction from an action.

The ISS was apparently under attack and was fired at by a UFO using a laser beam and it was red.

This is the image (above) that was taken when the UFO apparently open fired on the International Space station. Is there a space war actually going on and is this why President Trump has started the Space Force? Who knows what's going on nowadays as anything is possible because we know this through our past, humanity has always achieved the impossible.

Technology is crazy, technology will one day give us a longer lifespan, a disease free world and technology will one day allow us to print food at home just like we can with furniture, houses, trinkets and yes all that is true look it up.

Source Interesting Engineering.
Source ufologopedroramirez Instagram.

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