Plane Spots Mothership UFO With Drones Brown Mountain

This is the UFO Mothership with it's smaller UFO drones before the plane arrives.

Brown Mountain in North Carolina was the spot where this amazing UFO Mothership and it's UFO drones where spotted and then a plane arrives to check it out but before it can and just before it get's to close it emits a strange round shield like glow and vanishes.

Brown Mountain has had many unusual lights flying in and around it for years but this UFO Mothership is absolutely stunning as it (the video) shows us smaller UFO drones or Orbs actually going inside the bigger Mothership and then it vanishes.

That's an amazing and very, very futuristic "technology wise" event to be a witness to which would have had me shouting at the very least "what the hell just happened"?

Brown Mountain In North Carolina UFO Mothership Incident With A Plane Checking It Out.

The video showing these smaller UFOs actually flying inside of this amazing Spherical Mothership UFO is on the face of it stunning.

But guys as we can see the glow gradually get bigger around the Sphere UFO Mothership and then it suddenly vanishes well, that seems very bizarre to me!

Brown Mountain UFO Incident showing the smaller UFO drones going in to it their Mothership.

I'm not saying that this is fake but because of that bit where we see the actual Mothership just vanish and especially we're we see the glowing shield it makes me really doubt this is a genuine UFO encounter.

This is the moment when the last UFO goes inside it's Mothership.

But I could be wrong and we could be looking at a very significant UFO encounter right there on Brown Mountain in North Carolina? Only the Aliens and the pilot of the plane can tell us that...

That thing could be Alien in origin because there isn't any drones as yet that can actually take on board other smaller drones like it does in the video - so yes that bit is unique and then suddenly vanish with them stowed securely away in it's cargo bay area, that too is also a unique thing.

Please share this video and lets get some answers guys. I need to know as this is bugging me big time.

I'm sure with the knowledge that people have who are in to Ufology that there's a strong chance that we will get the right answer at some point? But yeah, wow what a video though guys.

It is stunning if true.

Source Ufos Magazine Instagram.
Source Reference Wikipedia Brown Mountain Lights.

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  1. Footage of the plane is slow down voices are talking at normal speed UFO and plane is on top of background footage IT is fake not real I've been in video for over 40 years it's fake


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