Something Just Fell From The Sky In Russia But What Is It

What could of fell from space in Russia and left a massive crater.

What could this be that fell from space and landed in Russia. The guy giving the running commentary in the video hits the nail on the head when he says that it could literally be anything. It's a great example of what happens straight away after this type of incident.

There's a massive difference between what would happen in the USA and what happens in Russia. I'm talking blacked out with no recognizable insignia's or logos - helicopters and perimeters, men in black and cars, trucks and flatbeds all working in complete precision as one.

This is a great example of what it looks like straight after an unknown object falls from space.

It's not exactly a meteor with an eye extending from it but it's definitely something hot, on fire or combustible materials so it's either not fully a meteor or it's set fire to the thing it landed on?

People were allowed to actually get close to this object that fell from space in Russia.

The disease and organic materials is a great angle to come from when you can't exactly see a huge meteorite sat in the garden you once used to lounge around in.

There's not a lot of information that came with this video but the actual video itself shows us all we need to know. It wasn't actually that big, it is definitely sat in a crater and it's glowing red hot.

There is a massive crater left behind from the object that fell from space over Russia.

There's not much information and that is probably due to the fact it really only just happened? It was only on the 24 of December 2018 so about roughly two months ago this happened.

First Firefighter on the scene of the crater in Russia.

I will keep an eye out for anymore information related to this meteorite landing in Russia and if I get anymore I'll update this post with it.

This is a great example guys, the commentator talks about the right things that we all should do when we come across something like this and that is to NOT go near it.

It really could have Alien hitchhikers on it in the form of diseases or bacteria.

The locals don't always get to the crashed UFOs, sometimes the authorities have the upper hand especially with helicopters and planes.

UFOs have been recovered in Russia before so it's nothing new to them, it's just a very big place to get to them.

Seriously people in Kazakhstan actually discovered a crashed to earth object and they filmed themselves trying to open it. Here is the link to that post with video.

Source Ufo_Scandinavia Instagram.
Source Reference UFO Crashed In Kazakhstan.

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  1. Something fell from space on December the 24th in 2018 and the locals where first on the scene so we've got a great example of what it looks like after a decent sized "unknown falling object" looks like and the size of the crater and what the crater looks like. This is a weird one as if this was in the US it would be on lock down big time. We've all seen what it's like on the TV. What is it that fell from space. 👽🛸☄🛰📡🛰🌌☄🚀☄🛸👽


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