UFO Speeds Up To Mexican Volcano And Hovers Then Bolts

UFO approaches volcano and hangs around for a few minuets before heading off again in Mexico.

Here is a very unusual UFO that has been recorded on webcam passing this volcano and then it is still recording when it mysteriously is seen at the side of the volcano and it stays around for a few minuets then it goes back the same way it cam from.

What was this UFO looking for and what was it doing near a volcano? I'm guessing it's a Cigar shape UFO as it's obviously recording in so many frames per second that objects going this fast looks like Cigar shapes.

Here's the UFO on the side of the volcano in Mexico.

With only a long exposure webcam that is recording the way it is we can only really have a guess as to what this would actually look like? It's definitely bright, it's definitely fast and it's looking for something, but what?

Huge Black Pyramid On Asteroid.
It has an energy source which is not leaving any trails and there's no other lights on this aerial vehicle.

Close up of the UFO at this Mexican volcano.

Here's what message came with the video:

Jalisco, Mexico:
On the night of March 12, 2018, around 19.18, the webcam that transmits live images of the Colima Volcano and part of the Volcán De Fuego that is about 2-3 km away, records the transit of a mysterious object of light that slowly passes through the Colima Volcano.

this is an epic UFO moment where you know that Aliens are up to something on this planet what with all the evidence, the hard to fake or hoax videos and it all leads to one thing.

Aliens are real and they are sussing us out.

This is the UFO doing something on the side of the mountain.

Source Ovnis.arg Instagram.


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  1. This volcano in Mexico just appears out of nowhere and it hovers around the side of the volcano before it just rises up and starts it's journey back the way it came which is very bizarre. The light this is giving off is amazing. It's bright, it hovers and it could be Cigar shaped. It's an amazing UFO sighting to say the least. 👽🛸🌋🕵️‍♂️🛸👽

  2. This ufo near the volcano must be the intro for this. Hehehe👍

  3. They seem to have bases on a lot volcanos around the world, perhaps its dropping something off, or collecting energy been doing this for thousands of years.

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