Very Clear Video Of UFO Flies Over City In Broad Daylight

Closer zoom in of the UFO shows us more definition.

This is one of them amazing videos which don't come along very often because well, there just isn't that many real UFOs as if there was we'd all be seeing them everyday and it would be old hat very quickly.

This UFO comes in from the left to the right and we get a close up many times of this UFO as trying to keep up with a UFO when it's flying must be hard so you'd expect that it would constantly keep going in and out of focus?

Here's a shot of the UFO further away and from the side above the urban area.

The details on this are stunning to say the least if not a little bizarre as the UFO towards the end resembles a nose! The two nostril holes and the bump in the middle, seriously is it just me or does it look similar to a nostril, lol.

Anyways, this is going over the city or a town maybe on the marina or close to water and at the foot of some mountains.

People are always submitting UFO videos anonymously because of the derogatory remarks people could possibly make towards them and some people have suffered career wise because of submitting UFO reports.

Sometimes employers have found out and terminated employment contracts "friendships" and others have even suffered physical violence not to mention the government threats.

Which we've covered in past posts such as the real MIB or Men In Black turning up in the early hours and making very, very real threats on people themselves but also their families and their friends!

Another good close up of the UFO with good definition over the city area.

It is a very real prospect that some have even died as a direct result of publishing top secret, classified and basically highly sensitive Alien materials.

So I totally get it that eye witnesses at the time get pumped up filming this kind of stuff - then the dreaded reality sinks in (especially when) they see such things as the X Files, MIB (movie) and of course National Geographic's long running TV series Ancient Aliens or NASA's secret files etc.
UFO At Mexican Volcano.
It dawns on them that their could be repercussions and a car following them and then other unusual things might happen so they just don't post it themselves and do it anonymously or as hard as it would be to do, they just delete the footage!

So no information with a UFO footage video is not a bad thing, in my eyes it can give it more credibility (sometimes).

This is the awesome video:

Source Ufo_mexico Instagram.


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  1. This is what i'm talking about guys and the gut feeling on this UFO video is that we might just be looking at a UFO which is absolutely real. If we're never going to commit to a UFO sighting and stand up and say "you know what, I think that looks real" then what's the point? The fakers have already won and the disinformation project has won! The point to this is that the definition looks good, the cameraman looks like it's a genuine attempt at filming something and trying to stay in focus plus the object just looks right i.e no propellers or exhausts stuff like that. that's why i'm saying absolutely yes to this UFO sighting. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ™πŸ‘✨πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘¨‍πŸš€πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

    1. Fake. This is a clip from a movie where kid kidnaps a girl in her Volkswagen bug and Flys her away in the desert as new footage shows different siting videos by people catching it. You guys are dumb get a life loser

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