Are We Living In An Alternative Reality

CERN Mandela Effect and changes to our realities.

OK, I've done a fair few posts over the years all about CERN and the weird science they are exploring (plus very serious allegations of strange behaviour or ceremonies if you like on the "actual" grounds of CERN) they were conducting.


The strange experiments they are performing of which has never been performed before. It's not the way they do the experiments because that's science and engineering but rather the things they are experimenting on in particular.

Tiny, tiny particles of hydrogen - smashed together near the speed of light unlock the energy within it and create an anomaly in the existence of reality itself! One reality should not be opened inside of another reality which is what they did. This is why they did even though they could have also set light to the atmosphere or "reality itself".

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This is just a taste of the bonkers science experiments they're creating. Putting everyone in mortal danger is an absolute understatement. It's not a case of scaring people with words, it's the title of the experiments themselves which are the scariest part of learning what they do. In other words, it is what it is with no added effects.

I'm talking about recreating a black Hole here on Earth plus the odd Big Bangs and the smashing of particles close to the speed of light (I think it's faster now) based on the breaking down of what's normal, these guys don't stick to any normal "rules" they make the rules but the rules of reality itself.

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We cloned a sheep by unlocking the secrets of DNA. Why can't we clone reality through the unlocking of the speed of light and recording everything like having a slider to go forward or backwards? Say hello to the future guys, they're reading this now.

The making of CERN shows us the particle collider.

Image Credit/CERN

Travelling at the speed of light would be a whole new science because everything in science is based around NOT travelling at science right so everything based on higher speed would result in a different answer in absolutely everything!

If you think they can't do that, well remember the black hole they recreated/ Remember the Big Bang they recreated? DO NOT tell me they can't travel that fast because I know it's possible based on "their" approach to physics, and science.

Laws of physics were created for CERN to break!

The science which is being researched and developed at The European Center For Nuclear Research

Something of interest is going on here, but what? How to explain the fact that many different people can share the same false memory? This, unfortunately, is where much of the Internet discussion on the topic veers into woo-woo territory.

Physicists assure us that we're not living in an alternate reality where Trump is president

There's a theory going around online that CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) experiments have caused the world to shift into an alternate reality where Donald Trump has become president. As most people would agree, this clearly can be labelled fake news.

"CERN's research captures the imagination of lots of people, which is why CERN has been featured in a lot of science fiction books, even movies, around the world," a spokesperson for CERN told CNBC when asked about the Trump theory.

One of the first heavy-ion collisions with stable beams recorded by CMS.

Image Credit/CERN

"These imaginative works, inspired by our scientific research, are works of fiction generated to capture the reader or viewer's sense of wonder and should not be confused with the actual scientific research."

Trump theorists cite "the Mandela effect," a phenomenon that occurs when large groups of people believe something happened even though evidence shows it isn't true. Some think more of these incidents have occurred since CERN was established, and suggest that its particle physics experiments are causing the world to shift into parallel universes.

People are recalling the original reality, which is why there are divergent thoughts according to the believers.

"Mandela effect" examples include thinking Nelson Mandela died in jail in the 1980s, mistaking "Berenstein Bears" for its actual name "Berenstain Bears," and believing in a 1990s movie where comedian Sinbad played a genie.

(All of which are false.)

In Trump's case, conspiracy theorists have cited "evidence" like his quote on terrorist attacks on Sweden and assertions that Muslims were cheering in the streets after 9/11, both events which they believe stem from memories of a parallel universe Trump used to reside in.

A shift could also explain a rash of unprecedented outcomes in sports, like the Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series since 1908, and Donald Trump's election to the presidency, despite most polls predicting Hillary Clinton was going to win.

The idea has generated several joke threads (and perhaps serious threads) on the internet message board Reddit. What's probably really happening is that people have memory lapses, especially when they aren't paying close attention to details.

In any case, CERN's research isn't focused on finding a way to travel to different dimensions. The facility brings together physicists from more than 60 countries and 600 institutions to explore the structure of the universe, using the smallest particles and making them collide at almost the speed of light.

"When giving metaphors to explain CERN's research, I often compare it to geology," a CERN spokesperson explained by email.

"Geologists study the patterns and structures of rocks to learn about the origin and formation of the earth. Particle physicists study the properties and behaviour of subatomic particles to learn about the formation and evolution of matter in the universe.

Everyone (from young children to particle physicists) learns about the world by gathering data, making observations, and experimentally testing ideas. The researchers at CERN are applying this same methodology to learn more about the smallest components of matter."

Parallel Universes and Virtual Realities

A leading psychological theory holds that memory is constructive, not reproductive - i.e., the brain builds memories out of various bits and pieces of information on the fly as opposed to playing them back like a recording. Memories aren’t pure. They can be distorted by any number of factors, including bias, association, imagination, and peer pressure.

There has been a lot of controversy over the years about the correct spelling and the Mandela Effect.

Image Credit/What Are The Answers

Getting back to the Berenstain vs. Berenstein quandary, one explanation for the variant spelling is that names ending in “stein” are far more common than those ending in “stain.” People’s recollections are distorted by prior associations and expectations.

Why do some people remember Nelson Mandela dying 30 years before he did? Perhaps it’s simply a case of two isolated bits of knowledge - that Nelson Mandela spent a long time in prison and that he’s dead - being pieced together into a false memory in the absence of an actual recollection of the announcement of his death.

Memory is fallible - have we said this enough? The list of psychological and social factors that can disrupt and distort recollection is very long indeed. It’s to these we should look first for an explanation of the Mandela Effect. For more, see “The Seven Sins of Memory” by cognitive scientist Daniel Schachter and the list of common explanations for the Mandela Effect on the Debunking Mandela Effects website.

Everything We've Been Taught Our Past Is A Lie.

Parallel Universes and Virtual Realities One theory based on principles of quantum mechanics holds that people who experience the Mandela Effect may have “slid” between parallel realities (à la the science fiction TV series Sliders). After growing up in a universe where it was “Berenstein” Bears, for example, some people one day woke up to find themselves in an alternate universe with “Berenstain” Bears.

Another theory posits that unbeknownst to ourselves, we all exist within something resembling a “holodeck” (a device in the world of the Star Trek series that creates a virtual reality experience for recreational purposes).

Here is an interesting video about CERN's weird recent past.

In this model, apparent memory glitches are software glitches that cause inconsistencies in our perception of reality. Can you prove this isn’t the case? There’s nothing inherently wrong with this sort of speculation - it’s fun, in fact - but it yields no practical explanation or testable hypotheses. Nor is it necessary.

We don’t have to conduct thought experiments about the ultimate nature of reality to explain why we misremember things - or even why we misremember some of the same things the same way. The Glitch Is in Your Memory, Not the Mat

Notice the 666 numbers depicted in the official logo of CERN.

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  1. You have to understand what's going on at CERN to make an informed decision if the reality that we currently reside in is "another one" which was a result of the experiment done at CERN with the black holes and big bangs, smashing particles at near the speed of light? Then there's the Mandela Effect which the evidence is almost overwhelming to say the least. Is Trump President in this reality and Hillary President in the other reality. We need your opinions on this one guys. The Mande3la Effect, there is something to it. 👽👾☠🕵️‍♂️👩‍🚀👍🎱👽

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