UFO Flying Over The Moon

A UFO was caught on amateur astronomers telescope and what good UFO footage this has turned out to be.

There's an ever growing number of amateur astronomers with absolutely amazing telescopes and guys, they're filming some unbelievably good UFO footage which they simply don't have answers for.

What we are looking at here in this UFO video goes well beyond the normal everyday, mundane or boring satellites that these guys normally film going past them at night.


  • It is definitely not a human man made satellite.
  • This is a real amateur video of the best kind of UFO footage.
  • This artificial satellite or Alien satellite is flying past the Moon.
  • This is not a NASA built or Russian built satellite.

UFO's spotted at night are notoriously hard to see and make out if they're Flying Saucers or spherical UFO's or whatever they look like? Many UFO's seen in between the Earth and the Moon are actually in Earth's atmosphere.

This UFO video shows the unknown craft very dark but briefly it has a full reflection on it which is probably the Sun's reflection indicating that this UFO is really far out in space and possibly even very near to the Moon?


Here's the amazing video of what looks like an Alien made spaceship flying possibly near to the Moon and in the reflection of the Sun:

The amount of times that UFO Sightings Footage has written blog posts about UFO's on the Moon or flying over the Moon's surface (and sometimes in between the Earth and the Moon) is getting up there to around 8 different times.

This image just below us now, is definitely not showing a man made satellite or the ISS (International Space Station) and it's not showing us any NASA debris from recent or old rocket take off.

This is more than likely showing us hardcore Alien technology in the form of an Unidentified Flying Object as yet to be disclosed - because there's no way that NASA doesn't know about this weird space object.

Source UFOi73 Instagram.


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  1. The UFO in this video is in my view the reason why people get in to UFO hunting and UFO research. It's got the look, the feel and it's not made by mankind that's for sure! This UFO stands out as an Alien spaceship in my own view. There's nothing quite like this one. 🛸

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