This Bizarre Letter C Was Found on a Moon Rock

Was NASA was uilising amazing model makers back in the 1930's even, and the 60's?

Like prop developers, model designers and set designers plus hobbyist's, including but not limited to architectural "scale model masterpieces" could of been created, "no problem".

Exact replicas of the Moon can and have, been created in the past - that's for sure and it is done with ease. The history and purpose of these exact replica Lunar spheres is one thing i.e reference guides and astronomy, education and for TV shows etc. But conspiracy theorists keep on coming up with one interesting idea after another that is challenging NASA to prove that they went to the Moon.


Image NASA

Let's take just one example, the C rock. I found a website that just states "if you get your facts right, it was added after the recording of the Moon landing" - and that's it? Link is at he bottom.

This is the evidence that we're supposed to believe, someone says it was added and take their word for it? Although i'm sure that this is because he or she knows something else, it would be great to show it is that makes sense? Like a before and after maybe?

But then you have this amazing and talented man (below image) with mad skills to create a to scale replica of the Moon and then it just becomes apparent that it could of been faked with ease and I mean "with ease".


Image of Roger Hayward Griffith Planetarium 1934.

Millions of photo's were taken on the Moon, millions of photos and video was taken and just because someone says it's not in the official images or video, that doesn't fill me with confidence at all.

By the way, all the Apollo missions photos and videos are missing! Only a bit has survived at all. Like a whole room full of media is missing!

In fact, it kinda tells me that it's just saying the official statement by the vested powers that be whom want to continue the charade and status quo? Astronauts in modern times get upset when people say it was faked because it's casting doubts on their fellow astronaut brothers.


Look at why people cast doubts on NASA - don't hate the message, hate the lies by NASA?

Look at the evidence and that way you'll see why millions of people around the world say that NASA lies. My voice is but one, in a VAST ocean of voices.

But, each to their own and the fact is that millions of people have doubts and these doubts are based in NASA irregularities. So what, I mean "so what" if someone doesn't agree with your opinion or current knowledge? That's a good thing, it spurs me on to get answers one way or another.

The Moon, with it's surface uneven and with the rocks on the Moon coming in all shapes and sizes. So the engineers, creators and NASA back then knew that they would need exact replicas of the terrain "in the specific area" they was to be landing on because the future of telescopes, space travel is coming and will get so good, they needed a convincing set and props!

It could of been replicated very easy. Especially with the close up photos of the Moon and how it looks. This information was available to anyone at NASA wishing to replicate the surface of the Moon.

Reach for the Moon and if not, get a grabber and grab the Moon with all your cunning and deviousness of props and sets just like a Stanley Kubrick movie would be set up!

But, not all is as it all seems to be - or is it!

In the Cold War there was a lot at stake and riding on the success of the Lunar Mission and if it failed (God forbid - it apparently didn't) but if it did, did the United States Government have an ace up their sleeve as it were?

Was that ace up "the proverbial sleeve" an actual movie set all ready to go and all ready to show the public an actual choreographed hoax, instead of a real life botched attempt at travelling to the Moon?

Depends on who you ask, doesn't it?


There is a lot to focus on when writing about the Moon landing hoax. It can't be done in one blog post unless your just covering the basics instead of digging deep in to the facts and the motives plus the abilities.

The USA definitely had the abilities and the right people all on board to help the nation through a space race "they had to win" either unwittingly or knowingly they had the people for each step of every way and every process, to pull off one of the 20th centuries biggest hoaxes.

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