UFO Dives Into Mexico Volcano Caught on 24/7 Webcam

I kid you not, this is a UFO that if there was no evidence of it you'd probably think that the story is a bit far fetched.

But, it also divides a lot of people because to some it's a bit to far fetched but to so many people, "we" believe that anything is possible especially real UFOs vouched for by the Government.

Check out this amazing image taken from the webcam which monitors volcano...

Image credit webcamsdemexico.com

It's filmed in Mexico in 2012 and it's not the first one to do a direct dive into a volcano as Google has a ton of volcano slash UFO videos that show some strange goings on.

Some have concluded that the object is either a computer-generated hoax, or a simple glitch in the video. Dr. Margarita Rosado Solis suspects the visible object in the video she was shown was not in the original video... But, that doesn't make any sense at all to me because "why would she be shown a random video without a UFO".

Here's the YouTube popocatepetl UFO video by Weird World TV.

The whole reason why she was shown it was to comment on the anomaly. See, it's a 24/7 recording so why would the fine Dr be shown a specific part of a video. What was her original reason for looking at the volcano footage? See the full story here.

Volcanoes are a raw energy system that travels right into the Earth, is this why they are attracted to the volcano do you think?

Check out this quote from Mexico News Daily;

One area with many sightings is the San Mateo corridor, where planes coming in from the north approach the international airport.

Sightings here usually describe a light or spherical object that moves off to the side as a plane approaches and returns after it has passed.

In a new video, a UFO seems to approach Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano, then slows down, turns and deliberately enters the smoldering volcano crater.

The video, recorded on May 30 at around 8:30 p.m (the below video), is the latest in a series of alleged UFO events that have taken place near the central Mexico active volcano since late 2012 (the above video).

According to International Business Times, Televisa caught the alleged UFO image on a fixed camera that is used to monitor the volcano's daily activity, located about 40 miles south of Mexico City.

I've actually written a few news articles and blog posts about this very subject which is quite real as far as I can tell. I'll add the link to at least one of the posts for you.

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