Diamond UFO Filmed Over Moscow From Airplane Window

The many and various airplane UFO incident's are probably one of the hardest to fake or hoax because it's easily "and I mean easily noticed".

Credit Disclosure Screen The Grimreefar YouTube.

If it's been tampered with or if it's  even had any effects applied to it, and or added in plus superimposed onto it, or even inserted into the video we can all easily detect it. Guy's, check out our Instagram page and Facebook group for excellent UFO videos and where UFO events are posted just after they have happened.

Easy detectable hoaxes are ten to the dozen I agree but I also agree that hoaxers are a canny bunch and a devious "innately dishonest bunch" of toe rags. But, there's something about this UFO video that I like. I don't believe that they've done anything with it.

t's an easy going, easy flowing UFO video without any juddering, shaking, blips, clips and transitions overlapping of the colors in the shapes.

The UFO is going just behind the planes engine

Credit: Disclose Screen The Grimreefar YouTube.

Because I'm confident about this being real, I'm going to look into this even further to get us more information because it is awesome.

This is just a blog news article to point out to you that this is possibly real and very good (might I add) UFO video so people are going to be at least up to speed with this latest UFO video. This is part of what I love to do, it's about bringing you great UFOs seen by real eye witnesses and then delivered straight to your dinner table (so-to-speak).

Without further ado, here's the video which was uploaded to YouTube by Disclose Screen The Grimreefar:

Here's another awesome UFO video which in this case is a Flying Saucer video from over Russia.

Credit: Disclose Screen The Grimreefar YouTube.

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