Japanese Government Preparing Plans For UFO Encounters And Procedures

What would you expect there to be in a procedure to encounter a UFO?

I'd definitely like to see a procedure in place if they actually stop, flag down the Jet chasing them and produce their details!

Japanese UFO sightings after the Tsunami in 2011.

UFOs over Japan 2011.

Credit (allnewsweb.com) 

But in "reality" the Japanese know that the US Government knows more than what they are actually willing to offer the public and by proxy this includes the Japanese people the Japanese Government and all who reside within.

It's a "we know that you know, that we don't know" situation!

It really is that simple. Japan wants to know more about the Stealthy looking UFOs and the reasons why the US released it in the first place?

The Japanese Government is basically saying that the UFOs are real and that we're now going to put in place a first contact procedure!

Because that's exactly what it is!

It's not everyday that a country calls out the US for withholding information regarding UFOs! Even though the US released the UFO videos, Japan is saying that they know more.

But that's exactly what they have done, they've called out the US on this one because it must be serious.

Defense Minister Kono said:

The US Defense Department on Monday released videos of what it claims to be UFOs racing through the sky.

UFOs over Japan 2011. By Alexander Light, YouTube.

Defense Minister Kono Taro told reporters on Tuesday he does not believe much in UFOs.

But he would like to know why the Pentagon released the videos and its analyses of them.

"He does not believe much in UFOs".

Until now! 

Source NHK News Japan.

Source Alexander Light YouTube.

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