Large Fleet Of UFOs Crossing The Moon

Moscow gets it's fair share of UFO reports let me tell you, and this one is just another fleet of UFOs caught on film that literally flies over the city of Moscow, between the Moon and the Earth somewhere as it's not known exactly because it's at night time, it's very dark and with nothing for reference it is what it is. Use your imagination but also use your common sense as these aren't satellites, birds, planes or lanterns or balloons or drones. I believe these are UFOs but they could be anything that doesn't mean they're Aliens.

Astronomer films UFOs flying over the full moon and they're all in formation.

The Moon is huge, the night is very dark, the clouds are sparse and the anomalies are on display. It's ago. 

UFOs are out in force today, yesterday and the other day come to think about it. 

Anyways a lucky astronomer from Russia decided to get out his telescope in Moscow and absolutely nailed it as far as seeing something awesome and breathtaking. 

In terms of being in the right place at the right time - it doesn't get any better than this for capturing amazing UFO activity in our atmosphere! 

The so-called (nameless) astronomer who caught this was so lucky that you'd think that he'd be jumping up and down or yelling out in delight but instead he's been professional and recording the event as it happens and as they (the UFOs) move and he's keeping up with them. 

Normally that would be a red flag because its usually the lack of a reaction that points to what we're seeing is either staged or someone has had their video hijacked and had fake CGI UFOs added to them.

But these are real as I've said, it was caught on camera by an astronomer who is prepared for stunning events like this or a meteorite exploding in the upper atmosphere or a satellite going by - even the ISS going by. 

Is it...

  • Chinese lanterns 
  • Balloons 
  • Satellites 
  • Drones
  • Aeroplanes 
  • CGI
  • UFOs 

So you see, there's actually a lot more things that these black dots crossing the Moon - could actually be? 

If your thinking about what these "aerial anomalies" could be, then your not alone? It's not quite cut and dry or as obvious as you might have thought it was! 

Below is what the Moon looks like from the perspective of the astronauts who stepped foot on to its surface. It looks nothing like the brown looking thing in the images above and below, right? It's usually our atmosphere which gives it the colour as normally the reflection of the Moon is normally white so it makes sense that it's our atmosphere making it look brown? 

We've got to narrow down the list of potential answers down to the remaining ones it likely could be. It's a long process as it involves radar data, military cooperation and flight control cooperation. 

If we're going to absolutely get to the definite answer where all other possible answers have been ruled out then it will take time and patience for the clues, the red herrings and the false information to be sifted through. 

It's doable and so its not going to be easy, but like I say it's very doable. 

Especially if you are on the right tracks and history tells us that things don't always go to plan when it comes to Ufology and the cooperation needed from the authorities. 

So we start with the eye witness or witnesses. We then look at the human aspects of the UFO incident ie what's said during the video or the lack of voices during the video and can we rely on the testimony given by this "Russian astronomer"? 

That's a lot of no answers already. 

Does he even exist and can we find him because I've not seen his name yet, just that he's an astronomer who got lucky filming the Moon and UFOs passed in front of the camera and the Moon. 

This is a very observant and methodical astronomer because he's probably followed meteorites and satellites before so he's well versed in the procedure and processing of the unfolding events no matter how strange or bizarre they are. 

Quote from MSN profile KamaraOne:

Astronomer films UFOs flying over the full moon

This is the strange moment when a man captures several UFOs flying above the surface of the moon in different directions and speeds. 

Source KameraOne MSN.
The video is available on our Vimeo page here