Bird Motionless In The Sky

This motionless and suspended in mid air bird is absolutely bizarre, freaky and bizarre.

Have I mentioned that it's bizarre, yet...

I've seen a few examples of this type of weird event, a matrix flux or blip in the continuum and the one that really sticks to my mind was a propeller plane literally just sat there in the sky going nowhere. But that was then later explained by an atmospheric and plane expert who said it was a known phenomena which includes wind, speed, going against the wind and drag, lift etc.

Blackbird Caught on Camera Suspended in Mid Air.

Credit: Kayleen Bowman/Express/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Mum Kayleen Bowman, shared the bizarre clip (Image above) on her Facebook which appeared to show a black crow suspended in the sky near some overhead wires in Gallump, New Mexico, US.

Below is an image of a Russian plane spotted in mid air also, a comment on this said the pilot put the handbrake on, lol.

The flight seemed to be suspended in the air and not moving in the video.

Taken by a driver in Russia, the car drove forward at speed while the plane appeared stationary. Click here for more details and to the video.

Plane in mid air just suspended in a motionless position.

Credit Express/UFO Sightings Footage.

What I'm going to say might sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracy but it is a question and I know that there's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who don't ask questions.

Secret technology could be to blame, underground facilities creating an unseen force, a satellite signal maybe? We don't know ALL the forces, the signals, the Alien advanced technology and the prototypes of industry.

Working on the assumption that you know everything about cutting edge technology, cutting edge military secret tools and devices of research and development and that your up to date with the commercial cut throat world of wireless technology, wireless electricity, electronics and fully functioning microwave weapons. Let's not forget the secretive work of HAARP, CERN and many, many other forefront runners of the emerging world of prototype, futuristic weapons.

If you believe that you know everything, then you can leave a comment on why you know this is a fake. The fantastical world of research and development in terms of defense and other military technologies is far, far, far away from the public eye that just saying that, is respectable because seriously, there's no way we can know. I don't pretend to know, there's no way that I could know, but I strongly believe that remarkable, mind blowing things are happening in the world of technology that was once believed to never become a reality. 

But just because this is totally different from what we have seen before is not grounds to dismiss it. I'm pretty sure though that I've seen another bird like this, in this very same situation - though it escapes my mind at the moment.

I'll look it up now.

Here's the first one of many different bird's caught on camera, motionless and suspended in mid air that I found when I looked it up. I honestly didn't know that there was "that many events" including birds. Okay, let's stay grounded and level headed because I know that's totally not possible right and there's got to be an explanation for it just like everything else in life.

Scientists will probably not accept it even in their infinite book of endless wisdom, come to think of it science will never have an answer to this! Well, if you noticed the tower in the image and if you go to the link and see the video you'll notice a tower mast with many satellite devices attached to it.

Is it 5G or 4G, military, commercial TV or is it more than just a mast for communication... With the telephone lines under the bird and the mast to the side of it, the building also maybe it could be causing an effect? The thing is, we might never know what was going on there?

Here's the evidence:

Motionless bird suspended motionless in mid air.

If you haven't already done so, I think you should check it out and at least have a look for yourself and see what you think it is?

Credit Truths Stranger.

Sources Times Now News/Canva/UFO Sightings Footage/Truths Stranger/Daily Mail.

First Audio And First Video of A Spacecraft Landing on Mars

This video of the Perseverance Rover is crazy good, it's breaking all kinds of expectations.

The best landing that NASA could of hoped for is for everything to work as intended but that was a dream right.

NASA's sky crane in operation lowering the Mars Rover Perseverance.

Credit NASA JPL-Caltech.

They pushed back at insanity, they created a space highway and put the peddle to the metal, then to the floor!

The first video of a Mars landing, a sky crane lowered them while parachuting down to the surface!

That, if your wondering, is the insane part! Think about it, make a slowly descending platform from which you can lower "in effect, a car" from that platform using a crane! A crane, winch or come along. Either way it's being slowly set down on the surface of Mars.

The idea is absolutely out of this world, I cannot imagine how this idea was sold to NASA? But, damn it, it worked out fine. And what's more than that is the audio of Mars.

Click here for the full NASA Mars audio.

This quote is from NASA:

Acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk said. “Perseverance is just getting started, and already has provided some of the most iconic visuals in space exploration history. It reinforces the remarkable level of engineering and precision that is required to build and fly a vehicle to the Red Planet.”

New video from NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover chronicles major milestones during the final minutes of its entry, descent, and landing (EDL) on the Red Planet on Feb. 18 as the spacecraft plummeted, parachuted, and rocketed toward the surface of Mars. A microphone on the rover also has provided the first audio recording of sounds from Mars.

Here's the NASA video from yesterday Monday 22nd February, 2021:

Credit NASA JPL-Caltech.

The astonishing and mind blowing video was filmed as the "one - ton Perseverance Rover" plummeted like a lead balloon towards the Jezero crater on February 18th, 2021. It absolutely stopped right there in terms of resemblance to a lead balloon because after falling for what must of seemed like an eternity, the parachute deployed and the sky crane got to working flawlessly.

I'm certainly of the opinion that NASA doesn't intend to stop there, it's kinda like what has happened before in terms of humans continuously repeating history. The only difference this time is that NASA filmed it, NASA recorded some audio and it's landed in a different place to it's predecessors.

Other than that, I believe we're making a remake of a classic.

Over the years, NASA has sent five robotic vehicles to Mars, called Rovers. The names of the five Rovers are:

Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance which is the Mars Rover this time around. Look, I'm all for Mars and the colonisation of it but at this rate of progress it would suggest that it's decades off.

The below quote is from NASA's Video:

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a camera looking down from the spacecraft's descent stage (a kind of rocket-powered jet pack that helps fly the rover to its landing site), a camera on the rover looking up at the descent stage, a camera on the top of the aeroshell (a capsule protecting the rover) looking up at that parachute, and a camera on the bottom of the rover looking down at the Martian surface. The audio embedded in the video comes from the mission control call-outs during entry, descent, and landing.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Sources NASA/JPL-Caltech/UFO Sightings Footage/National Geographic link here.

Secret Apollo Lost Tapes Recovered At Last And An Extra UFO

Did you know that NASA has released over 19,000 hours of radio communications between the Apollo crew and mission control?

These recordings have apparently been sat for 49 years in a vault at NASA without anyone touching them, listening to them or even knowing about them? That's complete lunacy if you ask me because I think that historians, museums, institutions and most importantly the people of the world need this stuff.

They are available here.

The Apollo 11 Moon Lander touched down on the surface of the Moon on the 20th July in 1969.

Apollo Moon Lander and Astronauts.

Credit NASA.

Or did it? Has it lost the tapes, has it had the tapes in a vault or was they recorded over? Seriously it's confusing and I do know one thing, they were secret!

I mean, it's only the most important mile stone in human history here, it's only (I say sarcastically) humanities only evidence that we actually became an interplanetary species.

When I put that I got chills, I still can't understand the rational (if one was put forward) as to why NASA needed to store them under "forget about it"...


We've been here before and we've got evidence in artworks from hundreds of years ago.

Credit "Glorification of the Eucharist" - painted by Bonaventura Salimbeni in 1600.

Okay, someone please explain this to me? I've randomly added it because I can. Why not? It's absolutely 100 percent proof that there was antennas and radio around when this ancient artwork was done.


The fact that we haven't been given anything by way of new communications, videos, new information for decades means that these were probably and deliberately hidden away? Stashed away for a better word, right?

Seriously, I went to the Apollo 11 site where the recordings are kept and there's an image on that page of an astronaut stood looking at the flag with the lander in the background. Check out the huge anomaly in the sky! It's prob's already been found but it's awesome:

Huge anomaly in the photo with the flag and the Lunar lander.

It's there, a blue cigar like object.

The conspiracy theory literally writes itself there. It literally points in the direction of a deliberate act because something was or is on the recordings and if released either with it included or without it then it would bring up unwanted Alien questions. If they took away the piece of recording, it would be noticed and if they left it in, well then it would be damning.

That's all speculation, but why else would NASA keep locked away the audio from mankind's biggest achievement since the Pyramids? In fact this is even bigger than that! Yet it's at one point part of it was recorded over or wiped! It's insane is what that is because you do not record over something like that unless it's deliberate.

It might sound cute and funny but there's even an audio clip of Buzz Aldrin asking mission control to turn the Earth around for a better view? Mission control says back in what sounds like code "we don't have control over that, you'll have to settle for water".

It's probably nothing, it's probably tongue in cheek (or coded messages) but if you believe that the Moon landing was faked then this is another red flag and prob's why NASA (along with others) have insisted this be kept locked up. What do you think was in these tape recordings that couldn't see the light of day?

Why did they painstakingly go through them, listening to every single word and why is there over 19,000 hours of radio chatter kept locked up anyways?

This video below is of the Apollo 17 Moon Lander taking off from the surface of the Moon:

Sources: Express.

The Vatican Owns A Time Travel Cronovisor

Seriously, what day is it today because if time travel is real then days are irrelevant?

Right now while I'm writing this it's Friday the 19th of February. If time has been subdued and conquered, wouldn't we see or feel a shift or a sense of change? Would things be different now?

Apparently the Vatican has a time travel machine, apparatus or device able or capable of seeing the past and or the future. Because of the best evidence that has been made available to the public, we have to answer the questions about this.

This is a Cronovisor that can see the future and the past.

This is a Cronovisor that can see the future and the past.

Credit: News Punch/UFO Sightings Footage/Vatican/Canva

Here's why, some of the anomalies that have been claimed and accepted have possible origins in a Vatican conspiracy. Therefore this Time Travel (device) might have truth to it? It would certainly fit in with the stories and the origins of lots of anomalies. If it fits, then it would suggest it's real.

What is your take on this apparent "Divine photo" which was taken while at the Wailing Wall? I've added this because for one thing we don't know how the Vatican Cronovisor works, it could project an image of the past to a place.

Below is supposed to be... 
Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and the apostle Thaddeus.

Was Jesus photographed by a person photographing the Wailing Wall.

While developing a photo, which he (see link here) had taken on the Wailing Wall, a tourist was intrigued by what he discovered on the film.

Credit: Fologie-paranormal/Gaiya/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

If we can only get solid eye witness testimonies, if we had a person who is willing to take notice of the conscious side to humanity and realise that we all have a right to the knowledge and not just a religious organisation.

I found this awesome news article on News Punch which caught my eye because it's keywords that I see regularly:

The Vatican may own a time travel device that enables them to see future events and look at scenes from the past, according to a several insiders.

It's known as the Cronovisor and the Vatican has owned it for a long time.

According to the story the time travelling device was actually built in the 1950’s by a team of scientists that were led by a one "Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti" – an Italian physicist - whom later went on to become a priest which is suspiciously bizarre. It looks like he was brought into the fold or the upper echelons of the Vatican? I could be way off, but again if we're working on the assumption then it's what fit's the question.

Holy crap, it gets even more amazing than I could of imagined! I have to say that it's about as blatant and in your face as can be, for a secret it's a rubbish secret. Where the strength of the matter lays is in proving it. The Vatican knows this, it's definitely denied it, hence they can't be seen to be telling lies so it will NEVER be admitted to.

Another example of a Vatican time travel photo.

Pinterest has lot's and lot's of convincing Jesus and Disciples photos supposedly from either the Vatican or secret and Ghostly origins. The image above is a great example of one from Pinterest.

We will need a whistleblowers last ditch effort or a miracle. Should one religion own a machine or device that has the ability to see the past and the future?

Or, should it be public knowledge, or destroyed?

Here's another quick quote:

In 1972 an Italian weekly magazine published a photo unveiling the remarkable device, but Ernetti contested its authenticity. He stated that if any recordings had been kept, they certainly wouldn’t have been made available to the general public and would most likely be cautiously guarded in the Vatican Archives.


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