Dragon Tail Butterfly Looks Like A Flying Angel

After surfing Pinterest looking for new UFO sightings that have been reported by people as they happen I came across this Alien looking insect.

Pinterest been the best place to find UFO reports as they happen. Seriously you'd be surprised that Pinterest is probably the largest UFO related reports posted by eye witnesses as they happen.

Alien looking Dragon Tail Butterfly.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer.

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Anyhoo, I had to do a double take "step back" when I was whistling away, just walking past this epic looking video! I had to bring you this even though I've not posted on Butterflies before, that doesn't matter because I blog about the stuff that's exciting, exceptional, unusual and very odd looking.

But mostly I write about Alien looking beings and the UFO phenomena. This Butterfly has a great marking of a star chart like map on it's tails. Truly magnificent.

This is one of nature's best insects, the Dragon Tail Butterfly.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer/Discvr blog.

It literally caught my eye because it's one of those fantastic times that something I've never seen before absolutely stops me in my tracks!

This is what I call the best nature video that has ever been recorded!

The Dragon Tail Butterfly instantly reminded me of an Angel or an Alien. My mind was blown, nature can and does have that kind of affect on people. Racing back and forth between trying to identify it and comparing these to other things like...

Angels, Aliens, Dragons, Fairies Elves, Sprites, ancient flying entities and Elves etc. (I've said Elves). Stuff of that kinda nature like mystical folkloric and and Witch's on their brooms lol.

Okay - so what if I was thinking overtime but that's only because of seeing these wonderful insects. Nature like I've said can definitely have that kind of affect on anyone.

Butterflies are nature's wonder's.

Credit: Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer/Discvr blog.

I know they can't be classed as Tinkerbell or Fairies from the bottom of the garden or something like that. Lol.

But after discovering yet another stealthily amazing and exceptionally great, camouflaged Butterfly - I'm really starting to wonder how these little critters actually mastered nature and commanded their very being to became an invisible, top tier stealth expert!

Below is another video about a Butterfly who looks like a leaf.

Or, does the leaves on trees look like him? Yes I know it's the Butterfly impersonating a leaf but wow, what did the Butterfly look like in the beginning?


We have an insect here that we have never seen it's original look. Mimic, it's actually mimicking a leaf and it even flutters in the wind. It oscillates back and forth like it's caught in the wind, usually when it feels threatened.

Wells Baum.

I had to show you guys this amazing, stunning and beautifully presented video crested by Video by Kazuo Unno, wildlife photographer.


The green dragontail *butterfly (Lamproptera meges) of South and Southeast Asia is a mesmerizing insect.

The Dead Leaf Butterfly is a master mimic.

Credit: The Garden Of Eden Blog.

Small and delicate, it is one of the few species of swallowtail butterfly with transparent wings. With a life span of 7 to 12 days, Earth’s real-life fairies are truly nature’s flying jewel.

*Wendy Williams link.

The Language of Butterflies: How Thieves, Hoarders, Scientists, and Other Obsessives Unlocked the Secrets of the World's Favorite Insect.

Credit Discvr blog.

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