TR-3B Up Close Incident | This is Real Footage Over A Forest

I'm posting this because I believe that there's more than enough proof that this is real, something that will explain it.

Stop the UFO video anywhere you like, the light's through the tree's are correct, the reflections are real and genuine. The craft is silent, the whole video is a spectacular UFO/TR3B or something else entirely! But, one thing I do know is that this video is genuine!

This is a TR3B filmed by a shocked eye witness.

Credit: Generationzedpodcast Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

IF you watch this TR3B light's, but as an object casts a shadow, light's will cast, well, light. Look on the wet road directly underneath the light's on the TR3B. You can see the lights reflecting on the surface of the road!

I don't believe that a faker would know how to do this kind of faking. The level of light reflecting off the roads surface looks exactly right. This for me, plus the way the light comes through the tree's has clinched it for me.

100 percent real TR3B is caught on camera over a forest.

Credit: Generationzedpodcast Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

See, in terms of looking right it's gonna be near on impossible to get perfect. I'm talking about every single shadow, every light and every reflection, every angle on the TR3B to look correct. If there was any such thing as a scale from 1 to 10 of how hard it is to pull off a UFO video off with so many shadows etc that looks just right, this UFO video must be up there with the 9 or even 10?

If this is a Triangle shape UFO then this is possibly a first? If this is a man made TR3B then it is still probably a first because of how close it is and the manoeuvres it's pulling off may not have been filmed from this angle before? So, it's possible that we have something here that's totally unique and it's a first...

All it says with the video on Instagram is "thought's on this alleged TR-3B". It's probably not the best description in the world but it's a description and it means that even the people who saw this wants answers and ideas if anyone has seen it before or knows anything about it to leave messages or comments.

Here's the awesome video:

Please share all your thoughts and opinions on this awesome Triangle shaped UFO. It's a TR3B but seen as though even these are shrouded in mystery, it's still a UFO. But, I'd put anything you like in this been real.

Credit: Generationzedpodcast Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. ... but not as big as the Marks in Mars... Four 'Volcanoes' that is in 30-60-90 degrees angles and is 1:2 in equidistances which is in 45-degree angle to the Equator... It stopped the spinning of the inner core to save the Planet from its own destruction due to lack of oil in the grinding forces of the inner core and outer layer of the Planet... Nuclear Explosion all over the Planet has make the Planet unlivable in the open... Anyway, it was shaped like a Manta Ray and it is the Surveyor and laboratory of the Planet X, Nibiru... This mark will reminds us once again to work on a New World Order for the Four Horsemen and the Atlanteans here on Earth and not those we are afraid the most, the One World Order...

  2. I saw this in 1994 in Kentucky....Massive , silent , I'll never forget it.

  3. This video is a fake The guy talked about how we made it

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