Flying Disk On Moon Crater Watching Astronauts Real Video

Flying Disk On Moon Crater Watching Astronauts Real Video

Okay this whole story is not a simple case of an astronauts deathbed confession about a UFO on the Moon.

And it's most certainly not an "he said, she said" kind of story and it's definitely not second hand information from third person's.

I've never seen anything like this real Flying Saucer on the Moon.

Video evidence of Extraterrestrial craft's watching the Apollo astronauts on the Moon.

Here's the extraordinary ultimate evidence of Extraterrestrial life on the Moon.

Here's indisputable, unmistakable and irrefutable evidence of Extraterrestrial life that's intelligent and has a presence on our Moon.

After watching this video again, guy's I'm convinced more than ever before that Extraterrestrials where definitely on the Moon watching the every step of the Apollo program astronauts at work undertaking small scale scientific experiment's. This as far as I'm concerned is undisputable, real Bona-fide Alien evidence at it's best.

So, sit back and chill out because it's eye opening - that's not all, plus in my own view and opinion it's the best UFO sighting evidence that there is and that's barr none!

Here's the extraordinary evidence.

The NASA video we are presenting is of considerable importance. They are shots of the Apollo 15 (1971) mission which highlights what may be a possible UFO parked on the lunar surface and which in turn seems to be looking, apparently, at the Apollo 15 landing stage on the Moon.


This isn't pareidolia which is seeing familiar objects in things like clouds or paintings, or just generally mistaking outright one thing for another thing that looks similar to it? This Flying Saucer type of Disk is on the craters edge being filmed.

In the beginning of the video it states that Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin would have filmed a UFO on the craters edge? I don't know if it was supposed to say "could instead of would" which actually sound's grammatically incorrect bit I could be wrong? For a Flying Disk type of craft, it's living up to the stereotypical flat Disk UFO shape.

It is exactly what it is, it's a truly unique detailed Flying Disk. It's technically not a UFO because it's not flying. I'm sure that you have heard of the UFOs that was supposedly parked on the edges of various different craters and the astronauts said they felt like that they were being watched?

It's a story I've heard about way back in the day. It's probably classed as a legend because of how old the story is? I wrote that this is not an astronaut telling us a story on his or her deathbed confession because it's actually taken from the physical proof which is the video.

The photo in the beginning of the video it shows that there's a very real and very typical looking Flying Saucer type of Disk or craft and it's definitely sitting at the edge of the crater on the Moon. At time's I sometimes have to pinch myself because it's mind blowing implications of the UFO sightings that I think, this is big, it's historic.

Here's the video evidence:

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Credit: Tales From Out There YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. It looks like this ufo suposedly recorded in Siberia.
    If it is real it could be linked with a rare kind of electric lenticular cloud called electroball.

  2. Not a ufo.
    Ancient human structural ruins.

  3. I have believed that the Moon is a hollow glass ball for over 20 yrs., guess I was right. I also believe it is the perfect size to carry all the waters of this planet to another one. Where did the water on Mars disappear to?

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