The Perfect UFO Shoots Upwards Over Hong Kong, City Centre

Here's what I thought was the perfect glowing UFO sighting over Hong Kong China just a year ago.

There's no way that it's a meteorite or a skydiver with a flare attached to his or her legs.

Here's a fast UFO that's over Hong Kong China and it shoots upwards really fast.

Here's a extraordinary UFO video that shows us a unusual glowing UFO shooting upwards.

Because as we see in this video, the UFO actually descended from the sky but the came down to the top of the Skyscraper and then it accelerated upwards very fast and then it just disappeared.

One person who commented on the video stated:

"I saw something like this before while I was at an outside concert. in broad daylight. And when I looked up at it, it was as if it noticed me looking at it. It jetted so fast that it left behind a few concentric rings. They were not smoke rings. The object made absolutely no noise whatsoever."

Mosdef222 Instagram  

This is definitely seen by many other folk that was in Hong Kong China city centre that day, we can pretty much guarantee that just because of the way it looked and how bright it actually was.

There's so many people who are all milling around under the walkway bridge and I'm totally fixed on watching this UFO. I'm wondering if there's many people that are stood watching this? Somebody must have remembered this UFO event because I think that this is a webcam set up over the city center?

Then someone has got the UFO sighting footage from the webcam and reported it to Instagram. It's the popular way to report a UFO sighting nowadays which is self reported which basically means that history is going to find all the UFO sightings that has been published so anyone can become the reporter on the UFO phenomena.

There's been a spike in UFO sighting's around the world, it's mainly of the UFO Orbs and even though we very rarely see UFO sightings over city centres, we do see them now and again, like this one here.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I thoroughly encourage anyone to report their own UFO sightings on their own social media platforms because it's publishing the UFO sighting instead of deleting it or just ignoring it and only bringing it out to show close friends. At least if you upload the UFO sighting to your various accounts and then someone shares it, so forth. It thrn becomes a better known UFO sighting.

If your worried about ridicule etc, get in touch through my Facebook page and I'll post it on your behalf.

Here's the Instagram account post:

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Credit: ufo_omg Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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