OMG China's Astronauts Caught Blatantly Using Harnesses "Not In Space"

Chinese astronauts pretending to be in space or wherever it is they're "supposedly" at, it doesn't matter because it's obvious that they're anywhere but space!

The water would not stay level in the glass, it would not stay on the table and this absolutely puts the whole Chinese space adventure into question?

China space agency is faking space station videos because glass of water is on the table.

Chinese astronauts pretending that they're in space with a glass of water still on the table.

The above screenshot is taken from the actual video showing the Chinese astronaut floating into place next to the other astronaut.

Okay, you need to brace yourself because as I'm going to be proving that a certain country is manufacturing space exploration videos. There's a bigger meaning to this because...

"What else are they lying about!"

I'll gladly explain it all to you because I've got a few things to say about this and other culprits involved in the same deception but on the other side of the world.
Firstly though, if I'm going to subscribe to or support anything supposedly happening in space it's going to be NASA and that's purely from a home team point of view.

Call it blind optimism or idiotic but I've got to support the home team. But let's be under no illusions even NASA fakes a lot of "space walks and Inside the ISS" don't they. NASA astronauts have been caught on camera in harnesses "role playing" these supposedly space station stints.

Here's an image of the Chinese space station Tiangong.

Image courtesy of CNSA.

Then the videos are played to the public supposedly live but in reality it's not live it's prerecorded (ask Elon Musk) he's already admitted that they've ie SpaceX has got way better CGI than NASA.

Them's his own words!
These types of live events are created beforehand and then played to the public on TV. That's why they don't have anything go wrong "ever" it all goes according to plan.

It's a total crock.
Now, in steps China, they are well aware of what NASA does and because they're well aware of the NASA harnesses and CGI rendering of astronaut's having such a good time in pretend space, NASA can't call them out on it because NASA is doing the exact same thing.

There's a plethora of evidence that back's up every single word I've just written! And you can take all of that, gather it up and stamp on it with a size 12 boot then take it to the bank!

Okay, here's one of the most blatant Chinese astronaut conspiracies that doesn't need any investigation, it doesn't even need brains to understand what is going on here lol, because "someone" left a glass of water on the bleeding table during a live feed rendering.

It's absolutely and completely laughable. It's amateur hour at the CNSA.

The thing is, it's not just China doing it. NASA has got a station up there but there's nothing inside of it.

It's all filmed down here on Earth.
I totally understand how it sounds, it sounds bizarre because what I'm saying would take a huge conspiracy, the likes of is unparalleled.
But it doesn't make it impossible. I mean, it's only telling a lie. That's it, a secretive group of people who are responsible for putting the US in front no matter what, and if you can bankrupt another country in the process (Russia) then that's even better! That's their thought process, or at least that's what happened.

Fancy these amateurs leaving a glass of water on the table!
It's like when the US astronauts was filmed grabbing harness wires in thin air and astronauts actually disappearing well before they even went round a corner on the ISS.

Also the time when the news anchorwoman and anchorman was supposed to go live over to an astronaut on the ISS but instead went to a camera with a model of the ISS and a green screen behind it.

The anchorman instantly chimed in "I don't think we was supposed to see that" and that 100 percent happened!

Please don't believe everything that these agencies are telling us.
If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, do you think a glass of water can stay like it is, in space or should it be floating? The astronaut on the right is floating away towards the right, so the glass of water should be as well, lol. "Somebody is getting sacked." Please, share your thoughts with us, thanks. No date given.

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Also, as a footnote, NASA is setting up an independent UAP study group. Read about that here.

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