Silver Sphere Recovered UFO From April 1974

Even I didn't know about this stunning video of a recovered silver metallic colour, UFO Sphere.

As I normally do, I was researching one UFO sighting which led me to another UFO sighting which just happened to be this one.

Terry Betz with the silver metallic sphere UFO in 1974.

The silver metallic UFO sphere Terry Betz UFO.

Terry Betz silver metallic Sphere UFO.

Let's get into it.

Is it real, what happened to the Betz (Terry Betz) silver sphere? Where is it now, did it get X-rayed or cut into and what's happened to it?

When the younger relative named Wayne put it in his room and forgot about it for 2 weeks, he was playing his guitar to a friend in his room when the sphere began to him, it emitted a strange noise and was reacting to different notes strumming on his guitar. You can watch the videos below as I'd written a lot 9f this post before I discovered a lot about this story. It's best you watch the videos for all the information but it's a very good UFO recovery story.

At first, I thought "Is this a real UFO video" and actually, what does the UAP look like up close and personal? That's a legitimate question because nobody has ever captured one in public and possibly, just possibly, is this silver metallic UFO sphere a UAP?

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All the Orbs I've seen seem to glow white. Who knows what colour they are when they're in effect - switched off? Just possibly they could be silver...

Check out this link by Popular Mechanics.

Silver metallic spheres. Here's a quick quote from the video:

I have no knowledge of the sphere itself or how it came to be in the place where I found it, or where it came from.

Man Finds Sphere... WFAA Reports SMU Jones Film and the guy who found it continues:

As I've stated previously when I found it it was on top of the ground as if it had been placed there. It was not embedded and I saw no charred marks, no big indentations on it. It looked as if someone had set it in its spot. As we got there I or anyone I know had any knowledge of this.

Excerpt from the YouTube video.

Because there have been so many silver sphere UFO sightings in history that this one could fit into pretty much any year going back to the dawn of time, possibly? What I mean is that this UFO sphere has a timeless look. Some Flying Saucer videos and photos have a certain decade look, like clothing from the 1980s, they have a certain look to them. In certain cases though "that look" totally betrays the UFO and tells us that these types of UFOs are probably fake. But this one, I couldn't tell if it was the 1950s, 2010 or 1910.

And that's a very good thing going in its favour. The person telling this story really could have found it.

  • Is this a real UFO?
  • Is it Alien technology?
  • What is a UAP?
  • Are Alien real?

There are a literal million and one questions about UFOs but when I look at this one, in particular, it brings up the basics, I'm talking about the fundamental and ageless, timeless questions like:

  • Are we alone in the universe?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Have we been visited by Aliens?
  • Is the Government reverse-engineering UFOs?
  • What's in Area 51?

Again, these are ageless, timeless questions about life in the universe that we've been asking ourselves since we could ask ourselves serious, thought-provoking questions! Every generation has had its version of looking out into space and "wondering what's it like on the Moon", it's only this generation that's been able to answer that specific question and at this blooming rate of answering questions it's gonna take forever to answer the main question:

Do aliens exist?

But, that's only if we have to go to another planet to certify it. I can already answer that because of all the mountains of evidence out there scattered throughout the world. Slightly going off the subject, I'm constantly being told by my best friend that; "not everyone is dishonest" which I know that we probably all are deep down! If not, then why do we all treat everyone like they are? Because if we treat every UFO sighting with suspicion about its origin, doesn't that back up my idea?

Based on his assumption that not everyone's innately dishonest (born liars) then it stands to reason that a lot of the UFO sightings are genuine, real, bonafide UFO sightings. It's something to think about. If we're not all dishonest by our nature then why do we have to treat everyone like they are?

I wrote all that just to highlight how easy it is to treat every UFO sighting as if it were a hoax until proven real. How do we prove a UFO is real? This is the huge fight going on in Ufology every single day. On the one hand, we're all raised to treat any UFO sighting with suspicion and ridicule the person making the claims but then when we see a UFO what are we to do? How do we overcome years of training ourselves to treat the next person with suspicion and yet believe their word when it comes to a UFO sighting? It's a balancing act, I suppose?

I started years ago just by taking that simple first step. Taking people at their word, it's the very least I could do (that we can do now). If it turns out later on to be a hoax or a deliberate faked UFO sighting, that's not on me and it's not on you because it's what we're led to believe me included. My beliefs are solid, my values are intact, and my views were and are still absolutely right.

Believing in the story is different, I like to think that people tell their version of the truth. And that's why I make it a habit of believing people. The UFO could still be a drone by the guy 2 streets away testing his new gift out. But yet the person who wholeheartedly believed it was a UFO (Terry Betz and family), told the truth, it was just according to them. A "version of the truth."

So always believe the person, take them at their word. The story is separate, it has to be separate because it's not them hoaxing or faking it. But the story, treat the storyline as the story it is, a story or one person's version of many different types of possible versions. Try not to lose who you are in Ufology.

This silver sphere could have been deliberately placed there on top of the devastation by the fire sweeping the brush.

I'm not naïve to think I'm going to change humanity with a footnote, nah that takes a miracle and if you've looked around this disease-ridden planet lately you'll see that we're all out of miracles. We were abandoned about 2 thousand years ago.

I'm going to make a nice cup of coffee, see you on the next one. And be nice in groups.

Here's the extraordinary first video:

Here's the second video:

Here's a quick quote about this sphere which as it turns out, could be a real UFO depending on who you believe and that's what it all comes down to in my opinion.

The family allowed several other researchers to study it in their home and even entered it into a contest to prove UFOs are real, but they didn’t win. The last researcher to make a statement on the ball was Dr James Harder, he claimed that if the ball was compromised in any way, it would behave like an atomic bomb. After this claim, the family and the sphere faded out of the media spotlight.

The origins, the original purpose and the actual whereabouts of the Betz Sphere are unknown to this day.

Credit: Medium Unexplained Realm's/Unknown Files YouTube Channel/Inquirer Blue Ribbon Panel Of UFO Investigators 1974/Inquirer/SMU Jones Film YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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