Submit Your Own UFO Story And Strange Event In Your Word's

This is a new website, I'd really like your thoughts and opinions on what you would like to see in this website, ie videos, photo's and historical Extraterrestrial entities evidence as stories?

I'm really, really hoping that people will help me, help us, help us as a community, as a UFO believer's active community?

Why not write about your story on UFOs or Aliens.

That's why I'm going to be opening up part's of the website like a specific page for people to put forward their UFO stories, Abduction stories and other unusual phenomena. If you have any important life time event's that happened to you and you would like to have it published, please by all means get in touch with me here.

Submit your UFO stories, anything Ufology related. If instead of me writing about your UFO sighting and you'd prefer to write it yourself, by all means I absolutely welcome that.

I'd be honoured to publish your UFO sightings stories in your own words. It's got to be your own thoughts on your own UFO sighting though. I've been asked many, many times if I can let people write their own and me publish it as a post, I didn't go for it but I think now's the time to allow "first hand evidence" and the statement of the eye witness to tell you the story in their own words.

I'll be posting as usual everyday, but just know that there's always a place for your own unique UFO sighting in your word's right here on UFO sighting's footage. And don't worry there's a place for all the other strange events that happened in your life.

It's time I opened it up. I've been asked a lot about this. Personally, it's gonna help Ufology because that record's going to be here "straight from the witness" not via a UFO researcher or another enthusiastic UFO writer but your very own personal first hand experience.

I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you for leaving a message, your comments are visible for the world to see.
Lee Lewis UFO Researcher
UFO Sightings Footage

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