UFO Sighting Filmed From Airplane Window By Passenger

Here's a UFO sighting from the window of an airplane that I honestly would like to see for myself if ever I am fortunate to see one.

The guy/gal literally just point's his or her's camera lens directly out of the airplanes window and point's it to the left side but below and kind of slowly a definite white and a flat Disk shape begins to form.

Real UFO sighting that was filmed from the window of an airplane by the eye witness over South America.

Zoomed in closer look at the UFO sighting filmed from the window of an airplane over South America.

Here's a fantastic image of the UFO Disk that was filmed from the window of an airplane by the unknown witness also no date but it exists and if it was fake a hoaxer would make up a time and date, probably...

It's certainly not got any wing's or any other questionable tail ailerons or contrails, chemtrails even. So it's pretty much safe to say and assume that it's not another airplane?

Even the distance between this airplane (that the eye witness is filming from) and the suspect craft is way to close to each other. It's a safety thing that airplanes cannot be this close, as far as I know? It just looks to close for comfort and looks dangerous to be as close as this, but again I could be wrong as we can't be certain of how close it is? It just might be the right safe distance that's officially allowed between airplanes?

It's a white almost Tic Tac shaped UFO but as far as I understand it to be, the UAPs in the officially released videos by the US Navy and Department of Defense DoD was actually filmed in Infrared cameras and so they can't be seen without a Flir camera? Flir stands for Forward Looking Infrared cameras.

Only visible in the infrared part of the light spectrum.

That's why all the UAP videos are in black and white, because it's been filmed in another part of the spectrum - that we cannot see in! That's totally true that you know, in fact the actual name of one of the 3 UAP videos is Flir1. Then there's Gimbal and then there's Gofast.

Check out this quote regarding the Infrared part of the spectrum:

Light waves occur along an electromagnetic spectrum according to their wavelengths and energy. The human eye can only see visible light waves. Infrared light has longer wavelengths and lower energy than visible light and cannot be seen with the human eye.

National Geographic  

So when people say "I filmed a Tic Tac shaped UFO" and you know that they used just a normal camera, you know that the real UAP - UFOs (the same as the ones in the UAP disclosure videos) was only visible in the Infrared part of the spectrum.

And it wasn't a real Tic Tac UAP.

Don't you think it's uncanny that the Navy Jet's already had Infrared camera's strapped to the front of their jet's and they was filming in Infrared? And they have admitted to having more UAP videos but cannot release them because of national security concerns! And, "NASA just released a new interplanetary defense systems platform DART" capable of hitting a target, I mean asteroid 7 million miles away...

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Here's the what I consider a really good contender for a real Flying Disk because it's in the middle of what appears to be nowhere, maybe it didn't bank on anything or anyone else to be there? Unless it's gone online and forgot to download an airplane location app lol.

It seems funny doesn't it, but thinking about it, if it's an advanced aerial technology capable of who knows what and who knows if someone or something is inside of it? It could be like crab grows into it's shell, so to a living intelligent organism grows Inside of the craft?

Have you even seen what scientist's are capable of? Omg, there's a lot of outlandish inventions already in place with some of the most bizarre science experiments you can ever imagine. So what I've just written, yes it sounds a bit sci-fi etc but please, we can't rule out anything, not now.

Not in 2022, we just can't rule out anything because we've had UFO disclosure which means that "yes, UFOs are real and a fact now" hence, they're not ours, they're not another countries advanced aerial technology so who's likely it going to be after ruling out everything known to mankind?

Here's the extraordinary video, enjoy:

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Credit: Ufosightingsfootage Instagram/Ufogod Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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