White Flying Saucer Sighting Over India

India isn't really known for its UFOs or Flying Saucers as it is in this case.

That's not to say that UFOs are not active over India it's maybe just a case of India is too big so there's a lot of room to Manoeuvre, literally.

Here's a brilliant UFO sighting over India caught by local man in 2022.

Flying Saucer caught on camera over India by a local eye witness.


In terms of Flying Saucers, they aren't as popular as you'd like to think they are because Flying Saucers probably don't rank anywhere near the top UFOs. If you ask me, I'd rank UFOs in this order;

White Orbs (mostly at night)

Cigar shape UFOs

Button Orbs

Fire balls

ISS UFOs (huge variety)

Flying Saucers

So, I've ranked Flying Saucers at sixth position and I'm being honest with you there as I've not been sent a Flying Saucer yet that a person has witnessed flying over their home, busi ess or on holiday.

The Indian UFO sighting (White Flying Saucer) of 2022 is definitely not a airplane.

This is most certainly not an airplane as was suggested in Instagram!

But, I've been sent pretty much all the others I've just listed. People genuinely do watch the ISS live feed cameras and just waiting for a UFO sighting to occur. Obviously people are filming UFO sightings over their homes and it's normally when people are out at night sat on the porch.

People have left comments on the video in Instagram saying it's a Chinese rocket, it's a plane and some just don't know what it is? What do you think it is, let us know in the comments section.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

This UFO sighting happened over India but there's no information whatsoever with this UFO but as I always champion the UFO sightings without anyone giving any information, it's really neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned. UFOs just do not come over and leave a calling card, what mind bending information can we gather from knowledge of it's time of arrival?

As long as people are filming UFO sightings and posting them so people are aware of them, history has a footnote of the actual UFO event, then that's fine with me.

Here's the extraordinary video, although it's not a long video, that's actually okay. Which in my own opinion is better than the long winded UFO sighting vids where there's 50 minutes of mundane and boring holiday snapshots etc and this short one get's straight to the point.

I hope you enjoy this Flying Saucer over India above, top.

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Credit: ufo_lovers_345 Instagram/UFO.infoo Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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