Black Disk Like UFO Flying Over Hastings In Victoria Australia

Here's an Australian UFO sighting that looks genuine enough to be a real UFO sighting.

It was filmed from a car in Hastings Victoria, Australia in 2018.

The black disk like pick from over Hastings in Victoria Australia.

Full screenshot of the UFO sighting over Hastings in Victoria Australia.

This is a fantastic video showing a UFO sighting that looks genuine to me.


Here's the witness statement from the YouTube video:

I dropped my mom to work that day. and On my way home saw this strange object flying in the sky. So I pulled over on the side of the road and took a video of it. Can anyone please tell me What is this? Thank you.

 (Junelyn Bitalac @ Youtube).

Australia sees some of the best UFO sightings that have occurred ever. It's a truly vastly big country with an unlimited area to hide or even create a base. I'm talking about an entrance to an underground base like there is in the United States (apparently).

The vast open expansion of the outback must be a huge draw for any UFO wanting anything... Who knows why they're here? If we go back to the days of the pioneers and settlers then there was always someone who was collecting specimens. Does curiosity follow a specific behaviour that's universal maybe? If the US is anything to go by then the answer to that question is yes.

All early tourists collected specimens, pioneers collected specimens, settlers collected specimens and we went to the Moon and you guessed it, we collected specimens!

So what I'm saying about UFOs and possibly any lifeforms in the UFOs could also be collecting specimens because like I've mentioned "curiosity is probably a universal behaviour." It's quite easy to understand once we look at the clear pattern in which all nations took part once upon a time. Then there are the head hunters, taking souvenirs albeit very gruesome but still going from one place to another and collecting something that represents that.

There's a good argument that this could be a side hustle of any beings on UFOs unless they're truly unmanned aerial phenomena. It's still UAP but instead of unidentified it's unmanned.

Here's the video which was uploaded to YouTube by Yuan Khailee Pution's channel above.

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  1. That looked like a big object that was on a mission. Very authentic footage to watch, great catch!

  2. Just an airplane designed to look like a UFO. Follow the links attached to the youtube video and see

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