UFO Sighting Over Field In Europe Filmed From Witnesses Car

This is a stunning video of a UFO filmed over a European field and it's been filmed from a car to boot which becomes a huge part of this story, read on.

There's a car parked at the side of the road in any European country (it doesn't matter which country) and this guy's filming this strange UFO event but the guy's got his window down.

UFO sighting over Europe being filtered through a car's window which is a first time for me.

This is a world first for me, a UFO sighting being filtered through a car window.

He's filming away just as I'd be doing, like anyone else who saw it because it's a UFO!

The UFO has lights on it which makes it seem like just one strip of light around the circumference of the UFO. The guy who we can hear talking then winds his window up! And that's when the tinted glass comes into its own. We can now see this UFO perfectly because it's now been filtered. I must Dmit I've never known a car to be used as a filter for a UFO sighting lol.

But now we have!

It's probably the world's first that a UFO sighting was put through a filter called "car" because it's got the window tinted. And because it's tinted we see the UFO in all its glory, for what it's worth so-to-speak is which is a truly strange craft but magnificent all the same.

There are 4 lights on the central line going around the outside of the circumference of the craft. It could be a drone but I'm finding it hard to believe that... It could also be a UFO just as equally as a drone if not more so because of the overall look of it.

But I'll concede...

It's filmed over a field which means that anyone can be hidden in the trees or hidden away from eyes so that the operator can't be seen and with a handheld remote control.

They (humans) could be flying this thing?

On the downside of Ufology:

It's a truly horrible time in Ufology because, at the same time, the rise of UFOs/UAPs overlaps with the blooming rise of drones what a coincidence!

What a terrible timing.

Why couldn't drones just wait a decade or so? Because if UFOs are real then drones are neither here nor there. It's a shame that drones even took off (no pun intended) because what benefits have they "really" brought mankind except for aerial views of Mount Fuji? Or a drone delivery service that won't work!

They're just so annoying because people are using them to hoax Alien crafts, and spy on people and they're being utilised for horrendous wartime acts of barbarism on both sides of Europe. And there's no real application for drones that benefits mankind, seriously you tell me what good has drones ever done for anyone, ever?

I'm not a fan of the drone operator either because their use is planned by people, specifically people! I don't like drones because it's always been used to fake UFO sightings. They're expensive wastes of money and irresponsible. We should have a drone amnesty where we allow people to hand in drones but then still slap them with a massive fine! Just welcome them in, cuppa coffee, biscuit blam! 3K fine for being a UFO hoaxer!

And that's why I'm not a political figure.

I know that it won't be a popular choice lol or taken seriously but I'm totally up for banning drones unless you can prove you are not going to fake a UFO sighting.

It's only a conversation, just a mindless view I have that's all. Drones will never be banned and I'm sure that they do benefit mankind somehow, somewhere, probably. I can't think of one.

Ufology suffers from them day in and day out. I don't think it'll be a popular choice to get rid of all drones but with fingers in our ears, we can get anything done!

Okay, I think it's quite clear that most UFO sightings have turned out to be drones and that's why I'm asking for them to be confiscated, messed up and thrown in the river!

This UFO sighting (I hope it's not a drone) has got potential to be a real UFO sighting. It looks really good, genuine and as if it happened. I've narrowed it down to Europe because of the road sign (speed sign), at first I thought it was a UK signpost about the speed limit but if you look, the m/h is not lined up in the middle almost as if there's a K in front of the m/h missing, meaning it's km/h kilometres per hour? And that's not what the UK councils put on Britain's signposts as the UK uses mph or miles per hour. It's mainly the European mainland which has the same looking speed signposts as this one in the video.

Because there are a lot of people moving around Europe, we've got to go with the landmarks instead of how someone speaks because it's not concrete evidence of how someone speaks of their actual location. Only landmarks can give us that information.

Just winding the car window up has inadvertently filtered this UFO sighting because of its tinted windows! How fortunate are we that this guy's car windows are tinted in just the right kind of perfect tint that acts as a genuine image filter?

Epic first for me!

I didn't even know that car window tint can act as a filter, but it does a great job, doesn't it? Thinking about it though, of course, tinted windows can act as a filter, I just never thought about it until now.

And because of this, we can see the whole UFO a lot better, a lot more clearly and the lights are now perfectly visible to us all. The UFO becomes much clearer instead of the light blocking out its shape through light blurriness which is definitely what the lights on the UFO were doing.

If you can translate what this guy is saying, can you please share it with us in the comments section below, thank you.

Here's the extraordinary video which was filmed over Europe in 2022:

If you have any thoughts on this, please share them with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

There's no information about this UFO sighting, it was uploaded to Instagram by Ovnisvideos.

Thank you so much for translating what the person is saying in the video, I appreciate it (8th November 2022) via comment left today.


In Portuguese, the guy says:

Man… what is this thing over there in the sky? Tell me.

What is this in the sky man?

Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?

Look… check it out.

For god sake, speak seriously…

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Ovnisvideos Instagram/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. In portuguese, the guys says:
    Man… what is this thing over there in sky? Tell me.
    What is this in the sky man?
    Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?
    Look… check it out.
    For god sake, speak seriously…

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