2 UFOs Following A Group Of Air Display Jets Over The USA

This is a great double UFO sighting during an aerial acrobatic display team at an air show in the US.


Both of these UFOs are behind the jets that are on display and to be honest, what'd make it even more bizarre is if they were trying to blend into the air display.

A double UFO sighting over the USA at an air display show.

Circled in red are two UFOs at an air display show.

Can you imagine that, "Don't mind us, scooch over we're coming through" Now check this out for Alien manouveres!

In fact that'd be one of the most bizarre thing's ever, but I'd pay to see it!

I'd like to see that. It reminds me of the recent-ish UFO sighting that was observed at the Queen's Jubilee celebrations when the UFO Orb occurred during the air display.

Can you imagine if the 2 UFOs at the US air show weren't noticed? That would be unbelievable footage. Were they seen by the air controllers or the stewards at the air show? We might never know now because of the passage of time which affects memory.

Today I was writing about what I consider the best UFO sighting that's ever happened at the ISS (in my view). But I've gone and misplaced the UFO video for it. I misplaced but basically, I thought I'd saved it like I normally do but I've bloody checked everywhere and I can't find it anywhere! I'm angry at myself as I cannot find it again for love or money! When I do find it, I'll continue the post and share it.

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Anyway I'v,e always got a long list of the wildest, most genuine-looking UFO sightings as backup UFO sightings that I want to write about. So it's all good as I always have some lined up and waiting for me to write about. This was going to be the second post that I wrote today as I tend to only write about two UFO sightings per day.

This video was uploaded to Instagram by disclosure. now channel. It only states this; UFO flying jet's USA. This was filmed many years ago but it's just as valid now as it was the second it was filmed. Ufology has a unique place because UFOs don't come in or go out of fashion. Once a UFO sighting happens it's relevant no matter what.

Here's a close-up of the UFO which is always at the top of the screen in the video:

The UFO is black because it's silhouetted against the deep blue sky that's behind it.

Above: UFO sighting at an air display show in the USA circa 2014.

This video description I'll admit that it's not the most informative description. I also put the screenshots through Google Lens but guess what, I got nothing back from the Google Lens online checking tool. Can you believe it? I swear I put the screenshots through the online checking tool and nothing came back at all. It didn't bring back anything that resembled this UFO sighting whatsoever and I know that it's elsewhere online.

Here's the extraordinary video above.

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Credit: Disclosure.now Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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