737 Captain Filmed Numerous UFOs During Many Flights

I was contacted recently by an airline captain of Boeing 737 and what he had to say was eye-opening, that he's constantly seeing and recording plus photographing UFOs.

He sent me a fair few photos and a video with many UFO sightings in a montage, sped up to highlight them all but he said it's just a few of how many he has seen.

Here's a UAP Tic Tac shaped UFO from the video that I've highlighted filmed over Europe on the way to London.

Pilot Captain of Boeing 737 airline has been filming UFOs and UAPs over Europe for a long time.

Here are the screenshots (above) of the UAPs and UFOs which the captain pilot says are Tic Tac shaped plus they are everywhere and flying erratically.


UAPs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, call them Tic Tacs or Orbs because it doesn't matter as it's all the same "pretty much" as it's describing the same thing that we have all been seeing for years. I believe that it's the Government trying to distance itself from the term UFO and create its own brand new version. UFOs which is the correct term as people have been put away for saying that they saw one or sacked and lost everything.

So, as far as I'm concerned, it's UFO and it always will be. It should be your preferred acronym but you are free to call them whatever you want to. I just think a lot has happened under the term UFO for us to just dismiss it or pretend it never existed. UAP disclosure is a great thing don't get me wrong, if anything it's a great admission by the US Government. For myself and many other people who research and write about UFOs/UAPs though it'll always be just good old faithful UFOs.

The Government of the US wants to admit to UFOs but on their terms which is all well and fine but it's UFO in every sense of the term. I understand the phenomena part of UAP but "object" pretty much covers it.

Here's the extraordinary statement and evidence put forward by the airline's Captain pilot. (In my opinion), all pilots are probably the best and most reliable eyewitnesses on the front line of seeing UAPs - all the time:

I'm an airline pilot for a major European airline. I am seeing frequently occurring UFOs at the moment. All moving erratically and unpredictably. They seem to be to the NW when we route northbound from southern Europe to the UK. Kind of towards the left of the Ursa Major. They were not shooting stars as those are things we see all the time. I've witnessed these white "floaters" with about 10 other Co-pilots, and all of them have been as stunned as me.
One of them was floating around and then shot upwards like something out of Star Wars. Some of them move rapidly sideways, and others just wonder about and disappear. They are very bright too.
100% not satellites, 100% not shooting stars, and given their height of them, they cannot be conventional aircraft. Mysterious. I saw them on some USA news channels being reported by pilots in the US too. They look roughly the same. In the pic attached, if you zoom in you can see it's a tic tac shape. Either that or the shutter speed made it blur (which at least shows it's moving).

Steve M. Pilot, Captain

Here's a Timelapse video and some pics. The Timelapse video is sped up but it gives you an idea of how frequently they are.

The photos that have been sent to me do not do it justice but only because the UFO Orbs are very similar to the stars in the background which are ample in the photos and video. Speeding up the video montage covers the money shots (so-to-speak) and to be honest with you, it's an awesome video.

Captain Pilot of Boeing 737 airlines witnesses UAPs and UFOs on a regular basis and flying over Europe to London.

Captains and pilots of airlines regularly see UAP Tic TacTac-shaped along with other pilots.

As you can imagine a pilot is in a position of trust and responsibility etc and as you are probably aware UFOs and pilots haven't traditionally gone down well or got on well. So with that said I've changed his name, not that I got his real name anyway which is cool.

The video is in my view, it's the most important thing and the only thing that is ever gonna going to tell the story of when UFOs entered society and rightly made a huge splash. In the video, we can see multiple UFOs or Orbs coming up from the Earth and continuing out into space.

There's no obvious place that it could be going unless it's nearby ie the Moon or behind the Moon. There's so much evidence to back up that theory which isn't based on opinion or story. It's based on past missions.

  • Where did these UFOs come from?
  • Is the Government trying to find out where they came from?
  • Do they know more now, than last year?
  • Who or what created the UAPs?

Why can't satellites with cameras (like Google Earth ones) just rewind the cameras that have been recording and see where they originated from and are staying or at least see where they've been?

There are absolutely tons of things that the US Government could be doing and utilizing to get a grip on this situation! It goes without saying how important this whole UAP disclosure is, so if they ever needed an excuse to commandeer any satellites I'm pretty sure that this is enough of an excuse, don't you? It's the Government's satellites anyway or at least partly owned so they don't actually need an excuse but if they did ever need one (for the Washington DC bureaucrats) then this is one.

Here is the brilliant video which was uploaded to Instagram above.

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Credit: Steve M. Boeing 737 Captain/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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