Black Triangle UFO & Apocalyptic Hum Sounds

This is one of the plausible explanations that can't be disproved or proved and where personal opinion plays a huge part in your opinion.

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I love these types of UFOs because they get people talking about UFfology and it allows people to explore their opinions.

Huge triangle shape UFO over Dubai UAE during a huge lightening storm and apocalyptic trumpet sounds.

Small triangle shape UFO with a rectangular shape UFO during thunderstorm in Dubai UAE.

During a thunderstorm in the UAE, a triple UFO event took place and eerie apocalyptic trumpet sounds started.


It's the apocalyptic trumpet sounds in this video which I think takes the entire video over the edge! That's not a normal video put it that way I've never seen anything like it especially all combined. The UFOs, the sounds, the lightning strikes etc.

Black Triangle-Shaped Craft Inside Cloud

When the lightening strikes that's when we see the first UFO which is a black triangle shape or pyramid shape UFO if you like. We can only see the UFO from one side (front on) so it really could be a pyramid shape. But because it's only being filmed on one side we technically have to call it a triangle-shaped UFO.

Specific UFO Shapes

Anyway technicalities aside, there's a lot of stuff going on here just in one video! Because, by my count, we are seeing three UFOs! There's the first triangular shape UFO then there's the rectangular shape UFO which is above the top left triangle UFO. The largest is the very last UFO sighting which is a huge dark-coloured triangle but it's aimed downward with the apex of the triangle pointing downward.

Is this a CGI rendering?

Is this a genuine triple UFO sighting?

It was filmed in Dubai in the UAE.

Are the trumpet sounds a part of this video?

Dubai UFO Sightings Are More Common

The Instagram account Ufoglobal_italia uploaded this video to their feed, I encourage you to go and check out their Instagram account because they've been uploading excellent UFO sightings for a long time now. It was uploaded without any information other than the UFO sighting taking place over Dubai which is in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Personally - I believe that it's the UFO sighting itself which is the main piece of information but I understand that if we're going to try and link UFO sightings to create a timeline of events or for historical purposes, then I understand how important it is to have that information.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I'm a practical person and the fact is we don't have the specific information doesn't necessarily mean we ignore it! It could be that the witness who filmed it wants to remain anonymous. Guys we've been given a chance to flex our research skills and come up with the answers. If only we had some sort of government website to confirm or deny a UFO sighting had taken place through official satellite recordings accessible by the public but filmed in real-time.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) UFO Sightings

The argument is that the UFO sighting in this video could be computer-generated imagery (CGI). It's up to us an UFO believer to try to piece it together and turn that thought of it being CGI on its head. So I'll need people to step up and analysis of the graphics in the video is needed.

Researching Triangle Shape UFO Google Lens

I've looked up the screenshots of the UFO and the background with the building etc in multiple locations throughout the video but it's returning nothing exact. There are more examples of UFOs being illuminated during lightning strikes but nothing fits in with this UFO sighting exactly.

Where To Look For Information on UFOs

There are Reddit posts (huge UFO archive) regarding how to check video content to see if it's been posted elsewhere online. It's not traditional but it's a very good place to look up UFO sightings. If you'd like to help find out more about any UFO sighting that's why I post about UFOs, so hopefully people can help out with determining if a UFO sighting is genuine.

Everyone is Encouraged To Research UFO Events

All help is welcome because of how many UFO sightings there are, there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings! Having help is the only way to tackle this mountain of evidence. The answers are there, we just need to bring it out from within the UFO sightings themselves. In most cases, it's like that anyway so all the help is needed.


Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News above, top.

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufoglobal_italia Instagram/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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