Cloud Literally Break's Apart And Flies Away Becoming A UFO

The UFO in this video seen over Bratislava Slovakia on the 25th November just yesterday, is absolutely unusual.

There's a long slender set of cloud's that aren't moving to the eye, but this all white UFO seems to be descending slowly but surely.

UFO is part of a cloud but then breaks away from it.

The UFO can be seen breaking away from the main body of the cloud and and flies away slowly but surely.

The moment when a UFO actually is caught on camera breaking away from the main part of the cloud.

It's a truly strange sight and it's not the first time that this witness has witnessed a similar type of UFO event.

Because he states that he's posted the other similar UFO sighting on his website. You can find that link further into this post (just below).

It really does look like this part of the cloud has broken away from the main part of the body of the cloud and it's descending. How can a cloud Seperate itself into pieces and by looking at the second video (link to it here) it flies away from it and even descends.

That's not completely natural (it can't be natural can it) and it's most certainly not a normal everyday or commonplace sight that's for sure. So, what to make of this? Here's the details from the video itself:

"25/11/22, 15.07 hrs. Bratislava ufoslovakia: Yesterday, 25/11/22 at 3:07pm, I filmed another object, the proof is its different position. The second object is filmed at 3:13pm, I have already posted the video of the second object on my website."

 UFO Slovakia Instagram

I do like these really unusual UFO event's taking place in our atmosphere because it's as if these UFOs are deliberately cementing their presence in the mind's of the people by constantly turning up.
Are seeing an escalation of UFOs or is it just because more and more people are buying smartphones?

There's a gluten of camera phone's but is that really why UFO sighting's are becoming center stage? It's definitely a contender for the reason why we're all seeing more UFO event's.

I don't know what to think about the UFO sighting here, it's a truly strange sight but what's it up to? Why is it here over Bratislava in Slovakia? Is it a place that's drawing it in? Is it another as yet unknown reason for this display? We could say why yesterday at 3:07pm and not later on in the day?

Absolutely anything and everything needs to be looked into why these are here. What attracted them to Earth? How did they discover us? Who sent them and does it even run on that scenario?

What I mean by that is this; we have a range of sensors and instruments for detecting light in space and we have receiver's for things like radio signals etc.
If they found out we was here because of this type of detection system then that's our fault.

Or, was they using another as yet known to us type of system. They might be on a completely different technological evolution that is way ahead of us and our primitive technology and they detected us not through the light coming off the Earth but another way of detecting life forms in a part of space.

Look, we humans are at the beginning of our technology know how. We're just scratching the surface of what we can do. If we're on a technology evolution where we constantly update our technology then what's later on down the line so-to-speak?

Time travel could be on the cards in 1,000 years time which actually means by default it already exists. Where does smartphones reach the end of the road in terms of what it can do?

Is there a peak at which it literally can't get any better?
I'm mentioning this because if Extraterrestrial life exists on another planet, where are they technology wise. How far down the rabbit hole are they? What capabilities have they achieved? Is this why they're here now on Earth?

Every single thing I've just mentioned is a completely valid "multiple questionnaire" because UAPs exist, we don't know where or who or what's behind these Tic Tac shaped UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) but we know that they exist.

And judging by the level of technology and capabilities in such a small type of craft makes wonder about what technology is inside these Tic Tac's? They exhibit intelligence and skill's unlike anything else known to mankind.

Here's the video showing part of the cloud or what looks like a part of the cloud breaking away from the main body of the cloud:

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Credit: Ufoslovakia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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