Epic Silver Craft Filmed Over Molokai Island, Hawaii

Here's one of the best UFO sighting's that cannot be determined one way or another if it's a truly unique UFO event or if it's a magnificent hoax.

I say "magnificent hoax" not because I admire it or that I think it's brilliant, I say it because it's magnificent in terms of what humans can achieve.

Large UFO craft filmed over Hawaii in 2015.

The best UFO sighting that I've seen over Hawaii on September 1st 2015.

This is hand's down probably one of the best UFO sighting's that we will ever see that looks like it's genuine.


If we put our collective minds together and focus on figuring out where these UFOs are coming from, with our most powerful telescopes, sophisticated AI algorithms and sophisticated computing powers we can definitely see where these UFOs are coming from! With software that could only be described as a dream come true, we'd be able to figure out Ufology in a split second!

I absolutely and genuinely don't really care what anyone says because that looks 100 percent real to me. There's just no way that it's been held up by fishing line or it's a Photoshop rendering. It looks real and there's no indication that someone is flying a drone. Even though the video description stated that it's movement is similar to a drone, I'm thinking okay "where's the propellers?"

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Is it that easy to do though because even though it's 2022 and we've never had such powerful telescopes I suppose maybe it's easier said than done?

But, we've been progressing well, in fact we've been progressing so much in advanced graphics and modelling computing powers that we're seeing so many leaps and bounds in planetary science and technology that detects the light spectrum of far off planet's atmosphere, gas clouds, comets, asteroids and as an example there was Oumuamua which was detected way off before it even came anywhere near us.

The incident was filmed on September 1st, 2015 by a family touring and visiting the island of Molokai, which is Hawaii's fifth largest island by size. The object or metallic silver craft appears to be without any propellers or thrusters or absolutely anything relating to it being able to fly!

Here's the YouTube video description:

UFO recorded in the month of September (2015) in one of the Hawaiian islands (Moloka'i), before the passage of Hurricane Ignacio. The item's appearance is metallic with a gold symbol on top. The size has been estimated at a few meters, but that is not certain. It performs movements similar to those of a drone.

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Apparently it has a symbol above the aircraft according to the website UFOs online which is on Blogspot. The size has been estimated to be a few meters, about 3-4 meters in diameter, but the disk does not seem to emit noise.

Here's the brilliant video above, top.

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Credit: UFOs Online Blogspot/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. If it didn’t speed up and out of the atmosphere in the blink of an eye I’d say there is some chance that it could be a drone of some kind. They are coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days.
    Unfortunately some are creating them to look like UAP,s which just stains the carpet and poisons the milk. At least for those of us that really want them to be UFO,s.

    1. Agreed. And who in their right mind seeing such a thing would stop videoing such a thing and just go on their merry way? That ALWAYS throws a bright red flag for me on these short videos that are inconclusive at best. Great video if real, but my gut tells me it's fake.

  2. From the perspective of 'off world' visitors, the present state of human technology is an ideal environment to enter our space and remain undetected. Almost every, sensible, educated, 'nobody's fool' witness will assume that what they're observing is 'human tech'. Our complacency and our arrogance are the scales that blind us.

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