LAPD Helicopter Circled UFO For 12 Mins

This is an exceptional UFO encounter that's been filmed by the eyewitness as an  LAPD helicopter is circling a UFO above them.

I say that it's an exceptional UFO encounter because that's exactly what I am seeing here. We've got a Police helicopter in its official capacity while out on patrol, encountering what could potentially turn out to be an Extraterrestrial craft.

LAPD helicopter circling a black UFO for 12 minutes over Los Angeles CA USA.

12 minutes a LAPD helicopter was circling a UFO over Los Angeles in 2018.

The Los Angeles Police helicopter circled this UFO for 12 minutes, if it was a fake, they'd have known straight away.

It's circling the UFO for around 12 minutes according to the narrator in the video. We can see the helicopter bank to the left as it circled this vertically aligned, rectangular-shaped UFO.

It is constantly flying around the dark colour UFO trying to get a good look at the craft itself.

Since this happened I'm sure that people will have said it's been debunked or it's not a UFO etc. But, by whom?

  • Anyone can say it's a fake.
  • Anyone can say it's been debunked.
  • Anyone can claim absolutely anything whatsoever about this UFO sighting.

Just remember that this is a real UFO sighting until we have a video of the person who created this and we just do not have anything remotely like that! A lot of people do not like Thirdphaseofmoon, there are a lot of people who are against them but that shouldn't impact what they cover.

The video was shot by a resident after he heard a strange loud noise outside his house. The eyewitness revealed that he shot the mysterious sky-sighting on his smartphone after he saw an object being trailed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).


I've seen helicopters flying near UFOs before in fact I've written about this same UFO sighting before but this is the only one that goes close to getting a good old look at it.

If it was a man-made craft they would have determined that pretty much straight away don't you think?{alertInfo}

If this was a man-made UFO of the black bin bag variety I think these helicopter pilots who are trained observers don't forget, I'm pretty sure that they would not waste fuel circling an obvious man-made craft!

The Police would have made a quick determination that it was a man-made UFO if that's indeed what it was and they'd be flying off probably laughing. They literally cannot afford to waste their air-time or flight-time circling a UFO prank so I'm very confident that what we are seeing is a genuine unknown source craft.

What else would answer a Police helicopter circling a UFO for 12 minutes?

This took place in Los Angeles CA USA. It was filmed in 2018 and was filmed by a guy called Tom. That's all the information on this.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to Instagram by UFO Scandinavia:

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Credit: The Star/UFO Scandinavia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Would like to see an entire video. LAPD choppers circle crime scenes like this all the time. What I saw here was low quality and too hard to see if it was motion tracking with purposefully reduced quality to 'sell' the effect. Just think this would have ended up on the 6 o'clock news if it was real.

  2. So eventualy happened to it where did it go ?

  3. They can take a picture of a fly's butt at 10 miles away and it's perfectly clear. When it's a UFO, it looks fuzzy and hard to distinguish from a mustard stain. Why?

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