Silver UFO Sighting El Cajon CA USA - 6/27/2022, 2:47pm

This UFO sighting is a really good one with the witness getting a good look at this, so much so that he was able to draw it also.

It really must have had an impact on the eye witness (Mr James Nugent) because he was able to draw it "in detail" which tells me that this really did happen near his home.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of Extraterrestrial craft's operating in the world seen by SDSkywalker88.

Filmed over El Cajon, CA, USA on the 6/27/2022, 2:47pm.

Sometimes I find it hard remembering what I had to eat the day before but I'm not an adventurous eater so it doesn't have an impact lol. But, I suppose if it was a one off caviar actually at a restaurant I'd remember?

This UFO sighting had an impact on the guy and it's definitely made an impression that's lasted till now.

It's a silver sort of craft or a odd shaped UFO that has a very different surface with lot's of protruding angles and what looks like a protruding round port hole with a circular black hole within it.

Like I say, it's a truly strange sight with nothing to compare it to that I can remember? I'm still going to put it through the trusty old image analysis software and let's see where else this has been filmed - if at all?

Here's the results:

The only thing that I think comes close is one over Russia and one over in Texas in 2011. But other than that, like I suspected there's nothing like this unique UFO sighting. If you'd like to check out the results of the UFO image analysis of what I think comes a bit close then here's link 1 (Comicbook website) and here's link 2 (ABC News).

The UFO sighting over Russia actually happened while people were protesting against Putin way back in 2011.

Here's the eye witness statement:

I seen this object way off to the right and it flew the same distance height and speed across in a straight path it seemed way further than it appeared on the pictures and I think it's due to the odd geometric shapes that make it unrecognizable to anything we know. I am in talks with MUFON and a gov investigator.

And I knew it wasn't natural to our understanding, I felt like it knew I was looking at it and I felt a communication in some weird way like it was showing off. Very paranormal. Different shape and appearance than how it appeared in real life which was a shape-shifting square in a sphere . It did appear to disappear every so often but it was almost not noticeable. It looked like static or like some type of energetic field what the bubble appeared to be like a mirage.


Here's the extraordinary video:

Anyways I hope that you like the UFO video and please share your thoughts in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: SDSkywalker88/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. We saw the same thing on our way to Carlsbad near Camp Pendleton driving in the car! Traffic was stopped dead, when we saw it it was on our right near the ocean and thought it was a Mylar ballon at first. It kept morphing into different shapes and kind of transparent looking. The object was traveling against the wind and much larger than a balloon, probably the size of a midsize car. It was really bizarre looking and very hard to describe. We saw this in August at about 11:00 am. It was really strange, after we thought of all the things it could be nothing seemed to explain what we saw and finally decided it had to of been a UFO!

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