This South African UFO Is By Far The Best Craft That Looks Real

This South African UFO Is By Far The Best Craft That Looks Real

This definitely looks real but I'll admit that I'm very sceptical about it but only because I'm not used to seeing anything remotely similar to this.

I've got one part of my mind saying that it's a fake, and my other half of me saying but hold on a minute, everything looks correct on this.

Unusual looking UFO craft over South Africa on 1st November 2022.

Unidentified Aerial Object or UAO was filmed over South Africa in November of 2022.

There's a description which came with the video I'll add it below.

I'm talking about the shadowing, the reflections and the overall look of it is saying it's a truly unique "but real UFO" and so I'm going to put it out there to you guys and let's see what happens?

Video description:

South Africa, Country in Africa. 01/11/2022

Obviously now you will say that this is a Fake right?

Because the images are too clear, not blurry, the phone that did the shooting is of the new generation (Iphone13).

It comes to say that it is a fake right? Yes, I thought so too. But let's think a bit, why couldn't it be a real video?

In the video description it state's that "it's easy to say it's a fake" but what if this is an actual real, bona-fide UFO sighting? Imagine if you will for a moment that it's real? That would be beyond anything we've ever seen to date.

It's very easy to take a glance and put the obvious western scepticism onto this and dismiss it. But I'm looking for a more serious explanation. One that makes sense of everything we're seeing, and hopefully one that is new, something that hasn't been thought of before if that's even possible?

I know for a fact that my reader's (my loyal readers in the hundreds of thousands every month) I know that you will be dissecting this craft as soon as you see it!

So, so far I've examined the photo and I took a screenshot from the screen and I've put it against everything else on the internet (literally through using Google Lens) and here's the strange results.

Cammo dudes, that was the very first result. Then a crashed UFO in Antarctica been guarded by Tanks. Seriously, that was the second result. Everything else was not even remotely close.

Here's the extraordinary and unique looking video uploaded to Instagram by Ufoglobal_italia:

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Credit: Google Len's/ufoglobal_italia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. They forgot to activate their cloaking device.

  2. Is that a white light in the front or reflection of the sun.

  3. Cut rate sight seeing tour on earth.

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