3 Red Lights Flashing Over Camp Pendleton Military Base

This is a great video sent to me through my Instagram channel @ufosightingsfootage and it was filmed by a military family on camp while they were camping on base.

It was described by the eyewitness as an invisible craft with 3 flashing red lights.

3 red lights flashing on a UFO that flew upwards over Camp Pendleton Military Base.

The witness said it just flew off as soon as he stopped filming this UFO.

It happened on November 22nd 2021 at 5:08 pm.


If anyone have any information on this particular UFO sighting ie if you've seen something similar to this near Camp Pendleton or anywhere else for that matter as it could be anywhere - even now?

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The craft only had 3 red lights flashing in a sequence and the witness is adamant that there was a craft there which later took off because there were Jets in the area. It's hard to understand or grasp this specific situation but even I know that anything flying over a military base in the US isn't allowed!

Eye witness;

Alright so pretty much my dad is in the military and we went camping on base in Camp Pendleton California, we went there and it was evening time and I saw these 3 red flashing lights with an invisible object in the middle, also jets were surrounding the area, so then after I stopped filming the red lights quickly like teleported away.

The witness was filming this UFO event and suddenly had to stop filming and when the witness did so, that's when the craft flew off upwards and away. It was described as being in the middle of these flashing red lights but it's invisible. I kind of get what this person is trying to say because,e by its very nature, we just cannot see an invisible object.

Maybe it was a kind of shimmering mirage type of UFO? The lights must have been attached to something that just can't be seen. So while I understand what this person is trying to describe, it's still very hard to put it across because like I said, invisible is invisible and therefore having a sense that there was a craft in the middle, it's hard to describe "nothing." We can only say "maybe" that it was there but as it stands, it was just 3 red lights flashing sequentially flashing and even that in itself is strange because this is the military Camp Pendleton in California, USA. It shouldn't have even been there, but it got there without being detected somehow under the radar so to speak.

Analysis of The Witness Statement:

In this fascinating witness statement, the individual recounts a captivating UFO encounter experienced during a camping trip at Camp Pendleton, California. With their father being in the military, they found themselves in a unique location that allowed for a potential glimpse into the unknown.

As evening set in, the witness's attention was captivated by three distinct red lights flashing in the sky. What made this sighting even more extraordinary was the presence of an invisible object positioned in the middle of these lights. The combination of the cryptic lights and the enigmatic invisible object created an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder.

Adding to the mystique, the witness also noted the presence of jets surrounding the area. This detail hints at a possible military response to the unknown aerial phenomenon, raising questions about the significance and nature of the sighting. The witness's ability to capture the event on film adds credibility to their account and provides valuable evidence for further analysis.

The most startling moment occurred when the witness ceased filming, and the three red lights rapidly vanished as if they had teleported away. This abrupt disappearance leaves us contemplating the potential advanced capabilities of the unidentified object, leading to a multitude of theories and interpretations surrounding its nature and origins.

This intriguing witness statement serves as a testament to the ever-present mystery of UFO encounters and sparks curiosity in exploring the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. The details shared by the witness opened up new avenues for investigation, inviting experts and enthusiasts alike to analyze the footage and contribute to the ongoing search for answers. Leave your thoughts in the comments, please.

What are your thoughts?

There shouldn't be anything there but yet there is something there, we can't see it, we can't even see what's flashing the red lights but yet these are there as well? So, it's a very strange anomaly and what's more, is that it's not attracted any attention whatsoever which is slightly unnerving.

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Credit: Source Supplied/@ufosightingsfootage/Instagram/UFO Sightings's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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