The Closest Any US Jet Has Been To A UAP And The Clearest UAP Video

This is a fantastic video showing a US military Jet chasing and following a white Tic Tac shaped UAP.

This white Tic Tac UAP video is probably the closest that anyone can get to a UAP because of what it actually is.

The closest that a UAP has been to a US military Jet and filmed on the sea, land and air.

A close up of the UAP video over sea, land and air from a US military Jet.

UAPs are real, that's been established but where are they from, who knows?

Are they friendly or are they deliberately been chased, hiding and not communicating for a reason? Personally, I don't like their behaviour of ignoring us. It's ringing alarm bells I know that because if it was another country acting this way, they'd be classed as a foreign threat.

We're all classed according to our behaviour and how we interact. So why are UFOs any different? They're not different, they're not communicating because I believe that their intentions are not good. For all the reasons I have just written!

We're dealing with a real life phenomena and as anyone can tell us, phenomena isn't exactly known to science so even the US Government is learning as it goes.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

That's pretty much the top and bottom of the UAP disclosure. It's an unknown object possibly of unknown origin and likely to be from outside of this planet? Now that right there is plausible because it's not been ruled out by the US Government top Investigators and it's definitely interesting.

The fact that infrared cameras got turned on at the Nimitz and there was Tic Tac UAPs watching their every move is unnerving because they didn't announce themselves and who knows what they was looking for?

Where are they now?

Here's the extraordinary video which see's a military Jet chasing a white Tic Tac UAP:

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Credit: Ufoglobal_italia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Takes a 30 second google search to figure out this is Kongsberg NSM anti-ship missile test. This is really embarrassing.

    1. Lol! For real?? What a load of crap then..

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