40 Thousand Year Old Siberian Bison May Have Bullet Hole

Ancient times have many secrets, some stuff doesn't make sense and then it'll never make sense.

This is such a thing because according to science, this Siberian Bison was alive when this took the bullet to the forehead.

40 thousand years ago a Bison skull took a bullet somehow.

A close up of the skull bullet hole in the 40 thousand years old Bison skull.

Ancient African skull with a bullet hole in the side from a high velocity projectile it shouldn't exist.

A stone carving of a submarine and helicopter plus other machines in an ancient tomb from a pharaoh in Egypt.

Trust me, all you need to do is look up keywords like ancient out-of-place artefacts or Ooparts, ancient anomalies, and anomalies in the past as there are a lot of strange anomalous things that exist when they shouldn't.


It's a truly strange anomaly it's out of place and what are the chances of getting the scientists to change their open verdict? You might think that once we've been given the answer that's it. It won't change or it can't change? Let me assure you that once the answer is out there it's gonna be attacked by every single scientific research institute from this way to that away!

I appreciate it to everyone who reads my posts, it means a lot to me. Guys, we've got a lot to question that's constantly coming up. I'm talking about the new anomalies such as this "strange 40 thousand years old skull" It should not exist but yet it does.

The UAP disclosure seems to have gone over everyone's head!

Why, is this the modern world where even Orson Welles couldn't pull off an Alien invasion because everyone's buried their heads in a smartphone? The US Government announced that the objects not of this Earth are active in the world. Trans-medium objects which can go from the sea to the sky and into space exist.

What's it got to take for people to look up from their smartphones?

Christ's childhood home was discovered meaning Jesus Christ was real (as we all know) but did it encourage people to go to Church? I don't think it did.

See Biblical Archaeology for the Childhood Home of Jesus.

There's been a lot of recent discoveries and revelations including UAPs and the aforesaid childhood home of J.C. that seems to be going over people's heads.

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If a Siberian Bison has a bullet in its head from carbon dating it says that the Bison is 40 thousand years old. That shouldn't be there, it's either totally and utterly wrong with somehow the dates are being mixed up. Or, it's 40 years old. But looking at the video, looking at the Bison's head, it looks way older.

Here's another one:

Nearly one century ago, a Swiss miner was searching for metal ore deposits in the limestone caves of Kabwe, Zambia, when he found a prehistoric skull that dated back between 125,000 and 300,000 years. It was the first fossil to be discovered in Africa with Homo sapiens characteristics. But there was an even bigger surprise. The prehistoric skull had a small, circular-shaped hole on the side, which forensic scientists say could only have been created by an extremely high-velocity projectile, such as that caused by a bullet. The mystery was compounded by the discovery of an ancient auroch skull with the same feature. - Ancient Origins 

We're constantly reminded that there's stuff in the world that should not be there because somehow, for some unknown reason, there's a skull with a bullet in the side of it that was made when human beings were prehistoric! That means it's from pre-history! From a time when we couldn't write down history even if we tried! No pens, no paper, nothing that anyone would recognize.

Even the shape of the ancient skull looks like a caveman's. Guns didn't exist. High-velocity projectiles amounted to stone throwing. Or throwing a stick? I urge you to watch these videos for yourself and draw your conclusions.

Check out my YouTube channel.

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Here's one of the videos with this one the Strange Mysteries YouTube video showing 7 mysterious objects we still don't understand above.

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Here's the extraordinary video which shows the 40K years old Skull of the Siberian Bison with a hole in the skull:

I've added all the links that you'll need to research this, please keep your mind open and remember that there are things in this world that don't make sense.

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Credit: Damnthatsinteresting Reddit/Weburbanist/Ancient Origins/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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