I've Just Created A Video Showing 7 Pyramids In Antarctica Google Earth

I've just been on Google Earth which I downloaded from the play store and I put these coordinates 83°01’07.0”S, 163°03’39.0”E into the search bar and yes, these Pyramids came into view.

I've caught a cold recently and I sound awful, normally I have a velvety soft, almost chocolate like voice.

Row of Pyramids in Antarctica exactly 50 miles across and the biggest Pyramid is 6 miles high.

Google Earth app shows Antarctica has a row of 7 Pyramids with the tallest been 6 miles high.

Google Earth still has this unusual anomaly still on it's server, they'll probably pixelate the imagery so I'd check it out for myself while I still can.

But today unfortunately I sound like a docker who's smoked 50 cigars all at once. I was wondering around Instagram checking out my favourite UFO channel's and I came across this excellent video about Pyramids been found on Google Earth, I checked it out in the app as it state's that Google's already censoring the website version (which it is as I've just checked) but the app version seems to be fine?

I was able to see the row of Pyramids anyway and I was able to take a video screenshot of the whole shebang! I encourage you to either check it out but the website version is "pixelated" the Google Earth app though is fine as of today at 8:30pm Wednesday 28th December 2022.

Here's the quick quote from the Instagram channel Alieninfoo:

Pyramids are revealed in Antarctica as the ice starts to Melt or are they Natural formation?

I made this video last year so I just checked the coordinates and it looks like google has already scrubbed/blocked it out, try it for yourself.

Alieninfoo Instagram 

83°01’07.0”S, 163°03’39.0”E

You can copy and paste the coordinates into the Google Earth app and it should take you there? It did me, which is great as definitely the website version is caput. It's actually not the only Pyramid in Antarctica but they are for another day.

These 7 Pyramids are large, very large and it all reminds me of a crocodiles armour on it's back. The main biggest (in the image) Pyramid is 6 miles high and a total of 50 miles exact, across all the Pyramids.

Tell us what you think about this and what you have found out because there's alway's something that can be added as extra information?

Here's the video I made today at around 7:30pm on Wednesday 28th December 2022:

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Coordinates: 83°01’07.0”S, 163°03’39.0”E

Credit: Google Earth App/Alieninfoo Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/UFO Sighting's/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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