Diamond Shape UFO The Clearest Ever Filmed With Witnesses

Here's probably the clearest Diamond-shaped UFO sighting in broad daylight and with many bystanders that all saw this UFO sighting.

It took place in Mexico, 2020 and with cars and lorries including motorbikes all passing by this UFO as if it wasn't even there.

Diamond shape UFO sighting over a highway in Mexico 2020.

Mexican UFO sighting in the shape of a diamond filmed by bystanders next to highway.

Mexican UFO sighting over highway witnessed by many people.

Diamond shape UFO below was filmed over Medellin Colombia. It's a similar shape UFO.

Medellin Colombia diamond shape UFO.

I've been looking this up for an hour and I can't find anything else related to this specific UFO sighting.


It looks extremely similar to the Medellin Colombia diamond-shaped UFO sighting which I have recently written about here's the link.

It's either that the people who are all passing by in cars etc didn't see it or they did see it but couldn't stop. Some people were able to stop by the side of the road and start trying to film this, the UFO video here is a result of these guys stopping.

That's why we have a fantastic video which is very clear because some took the time to stop by and film it. They probably knew how important it would be for people to see it.

The information contained in this video is sparse and it was uploaded to Instagram by Viajantes_interplanetary Instagram account. Here's the video description which I've kept the original and I've translated into English.

Video description:

UFO filmed in broad daylight, they always say that the footage is bad, but now we'll see what will be commented on when we have good, clear footage.

For sceptics, nothing will do.

Share this video with your friends and family and help us spread the UFO phenomenon.

Ovni filmado em pleno dia, sempre dizem que a filmagem é ruim, mas agora veremos o que será comentado quando temos uma filmagem boa e clara.

Para os céticos nada servirá.

Compartilhe esse vídeo com seus amigos e familiares e nós ajude a divulgar o fenômeno Ufo.

So, what are your thoughts on this very clear UFO sighting? It's probably not going to be up to scratch for a lot of people who won't be happy until Extraterrestrial life is walking down the road in broad daylight.

There's been a lot of diamond-shaped UFOs going way back to the Craig Lindsay diamond-shaped UFO sighting with the aircraft in the same photo that he was able to take. It happened in Scotland UK in the 1960s and was recently released by Craig. There's a clear UFO sighting and I'm hoping that people will receive it well because it's exactly what people have been shouting for. A clear UFO sighting.

But I fear that now there's a clear UFO video, I fear that people won't be able to accept it. There's one thing shouting about and asking for even though they've never seen anything like it, then when one comes along, people don't know what to make of it. I hope it's accepted because it's awesome.

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Credit: Viajantes_interplanetary Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Why didn't the they guy zoom in more? No excelerated speed. Instability in air. It's a drone. Not a hater I do believe in ufos and actually believe they have a fleet making sure we don't blow ourselves up because we are they're future. That's weird paradox. 👍

  2. First of all this ain’t in Mexico because the people are talking Portuguese. So this is probably a fake video.

  3. I think it is a mylar hoax built by teens. You use mylar and light weight balsa wood or plastic and fill inside with balloons.

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