Preprogramming Life Can Be Done It's A Scientific FACT And Pass It On

Here's the famous Fleas in a jar experiment that shows how anyone (with Fleas) can actually do your own experiment over 3 day's and show anyone how programming can be done.

I'll admit that it's a truly strange experimental thing to do but it's the innate abilities that is learned by one generation and then passed on to the next.

Putting fleas into a jar for programming experiment.

Fleas innately pass on learned programmed behaviour to it's offspring.

The Fleas are placed in the jar and it's starting the programming. It's a truly strange experimental thing to see.

That shouldn't be able to be done, but it is so it begs the question what else is been set for us by the people who are well aware of this type of predetermination and could be using it as a weapon?

Can that even be possible?

Is it legal?

Do we do it without thinking?

There's a ton of thing's I suppose that could be done with this especially when it's applied to boundaries. But innate, born with a predetermined value or predetermined information already encoded into our genome...

I think it's gonna be used by someone, one day for some reason or another because we're human beings, we can't help it wanting to control other's while been uncontrolled ourselves. It's the other famous experiment with the prisoners and the guard's which are swapped halfway through the experiment and all hell breaks loose!

You can absolutely 100 percent guarantee that if we can add to innate behaviour or program people, you can guarantee that it would never be used for good! It kinda goes against the whole point of freedom of will and the freedom to choose our own path. So, right off the bat it cannot be used for good, or can it?

What's your thoughts on this?

Here's the extraordinary experiment description:

Training fleas requires a glass jar with a lid.

The Fleas are placed inside the jar and the lid is then sealed. They are left undisturbed for three days. Then when the jars opened the Fleas will not jump out in fact the Fleas will never jump higher than the level set by the lid.  That behavior is now set for the rest of their lives and when these Fleas reproduce, their offspring will automatically follow their example.

That's the jist of the experiment, please watch this video for mind blowing information which definitely bring's up the question of "are we being preprogrammed" by anyone, any agency, authority or establishment? What could we possibly be programmed to do or not do? Have you got any information on this, have you got any types of plausible examples of programming?

Have you seen, experienced or other anything in this video which you would say is a definite example of preprogramming of people?

I'd like to hear from you, in fact I'd love to hear any examples of this if you see more than other's? Are you switched on more than most people and what can you see that most don't? Hidden in plain sight?

Here's the video of the Flea experiment uploaded to YouTube by MMM Global School:

If you've got absolutely anything however small the information or example of this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: MMM Global School YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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