Flying Saucer Actually Taking Flight The US Army Built In 50's

This is a fantastic video which shows us that we as humans should be a lot further in the advanced aerial technology race.

There's no way that we're still stumbling over a rotary blade craft, a battery pack and a games controller for a hand held device.

If the US Army Built this silver metallic Flying Disk in the 1950's then what's out there now.

Seriously, if this is 72 year's old technology then what is out there now that has evolved from this silver metallic Flying Disk.

I'm not buying it and neither should you. Why shouldn't we be buying it, because all these people who are sharing videos of themselves with "off the shelf" product's cobbled together with string, bluetac and sellotape. I'm just not buying it that this is the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

We're constantly upgrading our own technology one way or the other with either the same product but with better software or better overall performance, stability improvements etc with extra fluffy dice to boot.

And that's not all, we're constantly improving the our lives so let's take into account pretty much all sectors of life and the technology that goes with all sectors of life, this Flying Disk should follow the same path...

There's no information with this video whatsoever, but I'm going to try to find out what I can about it and I'll be updating this post. I wanted to share this video with you first.

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Basically there should be a long lineage of Flying Disks where we can see a timeline of craft's but apparently it's not the case? I don't buy it one bit and probably the far more advanced aerial vehicle's have been branded top secret with either the craft in the video or the direct descendant of this Disk.

Combined efforts to advance the space travel industry by creating manned craft's and unmanned aerial vehicle's has definitely been in motion since anyone can remember. It's been heavily funded and the spin offs are almost certainly had a say in a lot of UFO sighting's.

Plus, side projects have undoubtedly given rise to a whole host of different types of UFOs or craft's which people have mistakenly filmed as UFOs.

Update, it's the US Army's "270" from the 1950's. I did say that it looks like it's from the 50's. I looked into this and I have found out a lot, like a lot of information on this specific silver Disk!

Here goes:

Developed by Avro Aircraft, Ltd. of Canada, it was initially supported by the US Air Force as an advanced fighter aircraft, and after it became clear it would never meet its performance goals, was funded by the US Army, which saw it as a kind of flying Jeep, replacing helicopters for operations in rough terrain.

The design was very odd. Lift for vertical takeoff and landing was provided by a central “turbo-rotor” with fan blades which created downward thrust. The rotor was powered by three jet engines mounted in the fuselage, but they were not mechanically coupled to the rotor like the engines in a helicopter. Instead, their jet blast was directed at turbine blades attached to the rotor, which caused it to spin.


Check out the eye opening post about everything that this got up to and all the advanced innovations that this was involved in bringing to the forefront of the aeronautics industry.

Like I mentioned, it would not surprise me that this was the beginning of the UFO sighting's that subsequently started to occur not long after these where introduced.

Government agencies have been creating many types of drones, TR3Bs, Triangle shaped craft's and there's a long list of many different patents in the public eye that almost seem like it can't be real, yet it is.

Here's the extraordinary video which shows us that the US Government has had working models for Flying Saucer type aerial vehicle's:

Just what else has the US Government been working on, how about these UFO Orbs filmed by US Navy pilot's? How do we know that they wasn't behind it from the beginning?

Here's the video:

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Credit: belief_chief Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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