Magic Footage Of A Volcano Erupting

Here's a quick post that shows us a brilliant not previously seen drone footage of a volcano erupting by Bjorn Steinbekk.

Unfortunately there's no information on where this is at all which is a bit frustrating seeing as though it's new unseen footage of a volcano erupting.

Drone footage of a volcano erupting in Iceland by Bjorn Steinbekk.
Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk

Volcano erupting in Iceland Bjorn Steinbekk.
Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk

Great never before seen footage of a volcano erupting.
Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk

This is the screenshot of a volcano erupting in Iceland that was caught on camera drone which is said to be 150 meters across.

I assume it's in Iceland because it's where the person who filmed this is from (again I'm assuming based on Twitter information).

It's frustrating but not uncommon to capture exceptional footage of something only to totally bypass the information and just post the video. Maybe I'll discover the specific volcano name and date (all that jazz) one day and I will update this.

This is the Bird's eye view of a volcano erupting that was captured by Bjorn Steinbekk and the fact this this is never before seen footage I thought it would make for a great post as I love never before seen footage of anything really.

Below is a NASA image showing how planet's in space actually form. Astronomers feel confident that our Solar System formed by accretion because now they are able to glimpse a similar process occurring in part of the Orion Nebula.

How the planets form in space from dust particles and gasses.
Dust-and-gas clouds surround nascent stars in the Orion Nebula. Proplyds in the Orion Nebula. Source: NASA/ESA and L. Ricci (ESO)

Volcano eruptions have been occurring since the planet Earth was actually called "mass of rubble" a small amount of rock, gasses, debris and dust all collide and stick together and over a long period of time, inner energy builds up to form molten lava. Here's a quick quote:

Planets form from particles in a disk of gas and dust, colliding and sticking together as they orbit the star. The planets nearest to the star tend to be rockier because the star's wind blows away their gases and because they are made of heavier materials attracted by the star's gravity.

Khan Academy  

Bjorn Steinbekk post's really great content and actually answers questions if you've got any questions or thoughts about his video's which is great  the volcano is thought to be at the time 150 square meters. I wished someone asked where, when and what but not today.


Magestical blow!

It’s almost a year since the volcano erupted. To celebrate I plan to release some old and never published videos over the next few weeks. Hope you like it!

Sometimes it is a real good thing to break away from the normal everyday stuff and write about something, as long as it's nature then you (me) can't go wrong. It's such raw energy coming up from within the Earth's core. We're literally seeing land forming in it's very beginning which people from not that long ago could only have wished for this kind of video. Nobody whatsoever could have got close enough and taken a video from above it like this.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: NASA/Bjorn Steinbekk/UFO Sighting's Footage.

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