Flying Saucer Over Sea In Sicily, Italy

Seriously guy I believe in around 80% of this video up until the white Flying Saucer aims itself upwards and takes off.

I was genuinely thinking that this was a possible and even a real-looking UFO until this "craft" aimed itself upward and then it took off.

White Flying Saucer that is caught flying over Sicilian waters and then it takes off upwards and vanishes in 2017 near Italy.

We can see the beach in this Scilly (in Italy) tourist's video of a white Flying Saucer that takes off after flying slowly over the water on 09/10/2017.

If it's real then it's jaw-dropping and I'll explain why after examining why I initially dismissed it the first time I saw the UFO taking off, it's a truly strange UFO sighting.

I was all in "hook, line and sinker" until I saw this aerial vehicle take off, that's when I said no way. Why can't I allow myself to believe that this is what UFOs look like when they are taking off? It's as if the more a UFO looks similar to a sci-fi UFO, the less I am inclined to believe it.

But that's what UFOs look like when they're taking off right, it must be!

Video description:


Over the main marina in Sicily, Italy on 9/10/2017.

Alienhuntersx Instagram  

But, there's 80% of the video and right up till this point I'm looking at this and I am thinking "Wow" someone's caught a brilliant UFO sighting here! But then it kinda nosedived from there on. But is it warranted, is it possible that what we're all seeing is what a Flying Saucer looks like when it takes off?

"Because, how does a Flying Saucer look when it gets itself ready to take off? It would probably look just like this one does..."

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Hold on, I'm starting to think about this one more than I ever thought I would do or more than I'd allow myself to. Because normally as soon as I've made that instinctive decision (which is the top and bottom of it) as soon as I've made my mind up I'm off, to another UFO sighting. But, hold on a minute, let's just rewind the tapes so to speak because I'm gonna challenge myself to give myself a reason why I instinctively dismissed it.

"Because I very much just dismissed it outright as rubbish! So, why did I dismiss it?"

Because I've never seen anything like that before and the only time I've seen anything remotely like that type of UFO taking off is in the sci-fi movies. No wonder I am constantly dismissing UFO sightings. No wonder I am picking and choosing only the UFO sightings that look like a particular type.

A white-ish Flying Saucer that takes off from over the sea and beach in Sicily in Italy, 2017.

Above is a close-up as close as possible without it looking too blurred.

Getting down to the brass tacks of this, I've never seen a Flying Saucer take off fast. That's why I am dismissing Flying Saucers because I've not got any reference to base any of my decisions going forward to say why I think it's real. It's probably why a lot 9f people dismiss Flying Saucers that take 9ff just like the one in this video. Because we've never seen anything like a real Flying Saucer taking off so when we see one, we base it on the nearest thing to it and that's the sci-fi movies.

I love challenging myself and my thought process because it's growth, personal growth. And now I know why I dismiss UFO sightings that otherwise look real. Because I've got no thought of reference to compare it to. So, like many people who are in a similar situation, it's the easiest thing to do. Just dismiss it and if anyone asks why I dismissed it, I would likely say "Because it looks fake." And that's not research at all! That's lazy as I've just explained. It's the easiest thing to do without any research into that decision.

I'm going to say that this Flying Saucer video is plausible because 80% of this video looks just like what a craft flying just above the water would look like. The remaining 20% is where we see this UFO taking off upwards and away. That bit probably looks just as it should based on the "fact" that I've never actually seen a Flying Saucer taking off but if one did take off in front of me, I'm sure that this is what it would look like.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to Instagram by Alienhuntersx Instagram:

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Credit: Alienhuntersx Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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