Silver UFO Sphere Over Kananaskis, Alberta Canada

There's absolutely nothing that says that this UFO isn't genuine, and there's nothing on the outside as a propulsion system!

Because it exists and it's kinda looking right, and it's ticking all the right boxes, I'm going to post about it.

Large silver metallic Flying Sphere filmed over Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada.

Awesome silver metallic UFO sighting over Alberta Canada.

It's a truly strange UFO without any signs of propulsion systems or anything else that would allow it to fly.

Normally, if it doesn't look right, I'd get that instant feeling of it being slightly off or just not coming up to scratch. But this is one of the few and far-between types of UFOs, which are extremely plausible, so I'm going with it.

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What I mean by "it kinda looking right" is that the shadows on this squat-looking sphere seem to move and change their orientation as and when it moves. That tells me that the light is reflected off this object.

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Which in turn, tells me that it's not a static PNG image that's been animated onto or into the movie. It's certainly not conforming to "that type of UFO sighting," which looks like a copy-and-paste job onto the screen and recorded from it. Photoshop (I believe) is a lot more sophisticated than a simple copy-and-paste job, but that just means that it's more devious than ever!

Also, because it's relatively easy to spot a fake one, it's always been because people don't put hardly any effort into these hoaxes, which is why the ones that are fake stand out a mile!

That's been generous, and I don't need to be because nobody likes anyone who is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. And what's more, is that it's in Ufology, so I have nothing but pure blissful disdain for anyone deliberately Hoaxing UFO sightings! Fakers, hoaxers, whatever you go by, nobody likes them, so stop with this stupidity.

Video description:

Kananaskis è un distretto di miglioramento della provincia canadese dell'Alberta nella divisione cesnuaria No. 15 e nella regione delle Alberta's Rockies; il capoluogo è la località di Kananaskis Village.

Kananaskis is an improvement district of the Canadian province of Alberta in census division No. 15 and the region of Alberta's Rockies; the capital is the locality of Kananaskis Village. Ufoglobal_italia Instagram 

There's a lot of stuff that we don't know about UFOs, especially when they're on their own in a place without cameras or humans to watch them.

So, we must always keep an open mind as to their reasons for being here.

What are their objectives?

Have we been studying?

Has the planet been studied for minerals?

Is there a nefarious motive for them being here?

Friend or foe sums it up!

See, if we dismiss the "obviously something is amiss" but class it as everything's going well and class that as nothing overall and then it turns out that they're here to take our minerals (silly I know) but why else are these UFOs refusing to talk to humans? That doesn't look good in any situation that I'm aware of.

That's pretty much the same scenario as a camp being encircled by attackers powerless to do anything!

If we mistake their intentions and it goes south, then that doesn't give us a good start. It tells anyone looking on that we're weak. Because we had a chance to do something but we didn't, that tells them it's because we couldn't do anything.

It sounds bonkers, doesn't it, yet we've had UAP disclosure.

We've seen US Navy jets chasing UFOs that display extraordinary abilities.

With that in mind and as fresh as a UFO sighting can be, no, it doesn't sound bonkers now. Does it?

Here's the video, which was uploaded to Instagram by Ufoglobal_italia:

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Credit: Ufoglobal_italia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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