We're So Close, UFO Possibly Filmed Landing With Multiple Eye Witnesses

There we go, this is tantalisingly close to that all important UFO landing in front of the White House in front of eye witnesses that are filming it for evidence.

We're so, so close to having a UFO actually land on the ground, on Earth and in front of people.

3 UFOs flying in a vertical line and one of them supposedly lands according to the woman that yells out.

Redish, orange, UFO Orbs filmed over the US and one actually possibly lands.

Here's the 3 UFOs flying over the US and they're in a vertical line.

What we need to understand is that it's 2022 and literally these could be absolutely anything because one thing that we already know now is that there's nothing that cannot be done!

Is it a drone swarm, small but still a triple drone flight. Is it balloons tied to a string filled with helium and LED's attached? Is it any other option that we know is out there on store shelves... Top secret technology possibly?

The witnesses in this video are literally ecstatic about what they are seeing right before their eyes. It's plain to hear that this group of people are having a genuine and real UFO experience. That makes this a mass UFO sighting in July 2022 Texas look's and sound's like in 2022.

This is one shared experience that they won't forget quickly, I mean would you forget something like this? I know that I wouldn't because it's a once in a lifetime experience that if it's not videod then it would only matter to this group of people. But it's been filmed so now it's a truly shared experience for the world (in my view).

There's obviously going to be a camp of believer's and a non believers camp so-to-speak because it's the very nature of Ufology. It divides people which what it all boils down to is basic understanding, basic knowledge and depending on your mood that day?

There's believer's, nonbelievers and troll's - who only comment on thing's for the shock value, for sarcastic merit, for ignorance and delusion. It's a real shame but it's a free world and people are free to believe in whatever they like?

Anyways, getting back to the video which is showing a single UFO Orb to start with but then it's quickly joined by another UFO Orb and before too long another third UFO Orb, joined the other two.

Now we're seeing a vertical line of UFO Orbs red in colour. In fact one of the ladies in the video comments and asks "are they fireworks?" I believe that it's the redish, orange colour of these Orbs which is why she suggests they could be fireworks? That's just my opinion because it fits the bill and it's plausible.

Then they seem to slowly descend and disperse from the vertical line. That's when we hear the witness call out are seeing the Phoenix light's again?

Here's the extraordinary video which I have uploaded to my Instagram page @ufosightingsfootage:

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Credit: NAT Via Twitter/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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