Mummified Alien With Three Fingers MRI Scan Findings

I've led with this title because I believe we should dig deeper into it and here's why.

The evidence that was put forward years ago by a certain South American UFO researcher isn't holding up but that all depends on who you ask. Where did these come from and what's the story behind it? Skip to the bottom of this post for that information.

Ancient origins species investigation MRI scan by Jaime Maussan.

The Nazca Alien Mummy with 3 fingers.

Ancient origins of an unknown species of "creature or early human" were supposedly discovered.

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Is it an Extraterrestrial entity or just an elaborate hoax and just what was used if so? Is it even real... It also supposedly had an investigative MRI scan in the above image so we should get an answer instead of everyone's opinions on what this is ideally. They examined it with an MRI scan and found 3 eggs inside of it.


Wow, if so! Here's the extraordinary part of this story!

They reckon it was pregnant as there are eggs inside the "creature, Alien, Human hybrid." Call it whatever you want to. You need to be careful as the UFO researcher for whatever reason is credited with manufacturing elaborate hoaxes according to other UFO researchers. Was he involved in hoaxes, I don't know but have other renowned Ufologists warned us and pointed to examples about this particular UFO researcher the answer is yes. So just be careful but also do your research because, at the end of the day, everyone has an opinion and without evidence that's just what it is, opinions. It's better to be informed as opposed to ill-informed.

Some people are really convincing when they say it's a fake etc and just like that so to are the proponents of the Alien entity discovered in South America. Let's just let the MRI scan do the talking and the DNA results which I'm afraid these are very hard to come by and at the last check even Dr Steven Greer has warned us about Jaime Maussan which I'll refer to this video for your own conclusions.

Remember one thing about this whole story. Everything is "he said or she said" and no evidence to back it up except for one thing and that's the actual mummified body itself! Seriously we need an independent third party to examine, get DNA tests, analysis of every single kind needs to be done because it's not like it's alive and it will give us valuable insight one way or another!

People have been trying to convince others with clever phrases, intelligent jargon and convincing-sounding analogies. But, it seems either way it's not going to be accepted because of the confusion that surrounds it. So let's see what it's made of right, that way it will 100% put every kind of opinion to rest with irrefutable evidence.

This is a real shame that we seem to be denied the chance of changing history and I mean who put certain people or appointed certain people should I say as the gate keeper?

The MRI scan.

It's one big confusing mess which the MRI scan will clean up for us. Everyone is so focused and trying their hardest to disprove this for some reason. It seems like nobody is focused on what matters which is the simple fact that it exists.

That is really all this boils down to - the truth? Jaime Maussan should hand it over or convince the people who are holding this "mankind owns it" not a single person or single authority. It's dare I say it but it's now the property of the human beings and not just the Mexican Government or any single UFO researcher.

Depending on who you ask of course?

Out of everything conspiracy theories, I think I'm drawn a lot more to the ancient origins stories of mankind than other conspiracies because the more modern they are the more likelihood of it having a monetary shenanigan behind it.

The reason why I say the mummified scan findings in the title of this post is because of the strange Egg's in the body of this entity and was they put there deliberately?

It boils down to who you believe.

I think that the mummified body is a possible human being, an ancient human with a possible genetic mutation. It may be a hybrid of a human and or a combination of both Extraterrestrials and mankind?

Is it Extraterrestrial?

I'm not arguing that it exists because we can see it exists, I'm wanting DNA results (the real independent DNA results) to be made public. If it was an Alien then you can guarantee that there'd be secret forces out there trying to get the population of the world to believe it doesn't exist, to believe that it's a fake or that it's a movie prop. Anything else but the truth!


Considering that it exists and has been supposedly checked but no findings made public other than what Maussan released which Reuters News stated just 2 day's ago that a Mexican scientist concluded that Jaime Maussan' own results hint at it being a human and normal life from Earth. Here's a quick quote from Reuters News

Maussan shared on social media and in his presentation the results of DNA and carbon dating tests that he said he commissioned on "the beings."

A Mexican scientist, at the request of Reuters, reviewed the results and concluded they indicated normal life on Earth.

Nothing's been pinned down even though lots of testing and MRI scans have been done. You do know that it's a possible sign of someone trying to cover up either real findings that indicate deception.


Is someone trying to create confusion before the findings are out. There is a chance that it's a creature, an experiment gone wrong maybe or it's a hybrid. Seriously this is what has been claimed by many different types of so-called truth bearers on a mission to "get to the truth" all the while saying it's not real. Is that getting to the truth? It's called grasping at straws. It's all very confusing that's probably the only known thing about this.

Make your mind up, rely on your God-given abilities to rationalize and compartmentalize, determine and understand.

If it's a real species, then what?

The world will still rotate, you'll continue to pay taxes and read more lies about this and that, other conspiracies and that's at every turn. It changes nothing whatsoever either way, right? So don't be afraid to make your mind up. Read the relevant information and decide on what you want to decide.

But please, never accept anything less than a good investigation. One that you've done yourself. If you're just looking for answers then you can accept anything. Researching something is a fantastic way to understand something, not just the answer.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Check this link below for more details on this. It's in Russian but translates into English well.

Physical examination showed that there was a blow in the pelvic cavity. Perhaps it was the last meal or it was pregnancy, Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco concluded after a CT scan of the remains.

Planet News 

They've (Snopes) stated that because Gaia charges $95 per year for unlimited access to its massive archive of videos and investigations this is their motive for deceiving people!

But, did you know that when you scroll down the Snopes website page they (Snopes) charge $150 which is bloody insane, it's more than Gaia charges LOL and yes, it beggars belief, you just cannot make it up.

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander I suppose...

There's a good post here.

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There's no evidence that it's been debunked at all as far as I can research, it links to a black video with private on it and it cannot be played! It's nothing but people's opinions that it's a hoax.

Here's another link for a 13 thousand-year-old mummy found in Egypt.

Did you know...

Some ancient elongated skulls can have 30 per cent more skull area. This truly cannot be explained unless it's a different species. Head binding cannot add more skull area, it can only shape what there is.

The reason why there's up to 30 per cent more cranial mass is that it's a different type of unknown hybrid human, or quite possibly a different type of species... maybe? I read about someone dismissing elongated skulls by saying it was head-binding. They wouldn't answer the question of why some have up to 30 per cent more and head binding cannot add more skull.

What has the MRI independent analysis found?

Below is an image of the creature being placed on an MRI scan support table which will slide into the MRI scan itself.

Here's the ancient mummified bodies by Jaime Maussan Mexican journalist.

Check here for all the information on Jungle Doc. So, it boils down to who are you willing to believe. I can see more evidence that it's a truly different species or ancient hybrid human. It might well be an ancient Alien. And because it boils down to who are you willing to believe, you are best off doing your own research at least you'll be more informed as opposed to just having someone else tell you what it is because they might have it wrong, or it's a tainted answer driven by ulterior motives.

I understand why they do it. It's because they can and I don't agree with it!

All the evidence is there, the links, the media, the statements, the MRI scan evidence and the testimonies of the finders. It's all there because they've provided it. But do you believe it is the question because even the DNA test that Jaime Maussan had done has been dismissed. Their argument against and their overall assessment is available online and the best place to find it is at the source. I've provided all the links so you can do your research, good luck with that.

I enjoy researching stuff. I rely on my own opinion and I don't need anyone to tell me what to believe in as I have a brain I can think for myself. If you read this, I know that you're the same. It's not arrogance it's us trying to be more informed, create a choice where it seems there is none. People say that they think for themselves and they don't take orders from anyone or they have a brain and can make their own opinion.

But people say a lot of things don't they whereas I've provided you with a good start to do your own research please remember to share your findings.

Jaime Maussan (spelled Jaime not Jamie) has:

A. Actual physical evidence. He's also had the mummified bodies.

B. Independently scanned by using an MRI analysis which came back as this.

The story of the Nazca Peru Alien Mummies

You must watch, The Alien Project and read this below because it's fascinating stuff.

In October 2016, Thierry Jamin, a French researcher and explorer, was contacted by grave robbers, or vaqueros, from the south coast of Peru. They show him some strange mummified objects discovered, according to them, in a secret place in the Nasca desert, and tell him an amazing story! A few days later, convinced of the reality of the facts, Thierry Jamin and his group begin an incredible story. Strange humanoid mummies, with elongated heads and three-fingered hands, will make headlines and upset the world, not so quiet, of Peruvian archaeology and ufology for more than two years.

Aliens like the supposedly Atacama desert Alien literally must come down to personal preference for believing in it. It has to because it's divided into two groups which are believers and non-believers. I can only guarantee you one thing, that the truth is going to come out one way or another.

So, that's the research and information so far. It's really not a lot in the grand scheme of things but it's something that you can start from. There's videos and photos, information and places where you can get lots of information on the subject of the Nazca Peru Alien Mummies.

Good luck.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this post please share them with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Gaia and Gaia YouTube Channel//Planet News/UFO Sighting's Footage/Jungle Doc/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. The powers that be are probably working on a plan that they can present to the world to explain why millions of people suddenly vanished. It seems like they will accept any theory other than what is written in the Bible

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  3. I think you want to believe more than looking at some of the facts. These 'mummies' were discovered amongst many other mummies/skeletons. They were discovered in 2015 by a man called Mario, who was a well know archaeological site looter for over 20 years. That should set the alarm bells ringing. When one of the hands was x-rayed (there are photos if you want to scour the internet), it showed that the hand had been cobbled together using other human bones into the three fingered shape, and then a white substance smeared over the bones to hide what was underneath. It's been 6 or 7 years since the discovery, if there was anything extraterrestrial about this story, the science world as well our own world would have been well alight by now and scrutinised by every top scientist in the world, but it has not!

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