FOIR - Police Deny Helicopter Was There

The helicopter in the UFO footage over Glasgow Scotland in the UK look's like it's there to me, unless it's an illusion?

A freedom of information request was submitted to Scotland Police and a reply was given by the Scottish Police which only took a few month's in total.

Image of the Scottish helicopter filmed near 2 UFOs over Glasgow Scotland UK November 2021.

2 UFOs filmed over Glasgow Scotland UK and seen by Scottish helicopter pilot.

Although the UFOs are small, it still has the same profound impact as if it was 2 large craft's because of the UAP disclosure by the US Government.


It's actually not the response anyone was expecting as at the time of this UFO sighting, it was seen as a foregone conclusion pretty much? Or at least it was looking like a straight forward case of the Police helicopter a stones throw away from the UFO. Although that's how it looked at the time of this UFO sighting actually taking place.

It happened on the 21st November of 2021 which is on the Monday. It was quickly picked up by the Daily Record newspaper (also other's) and although it looks very similar to a Police helicopter which is what this newspaper even titled the piece as, it seems like it's a case of misidentification...

I've shown that this helicopter definitely has a large camera on the front end of the helicopter underneath the nose. The first image above shows the helicopter with the camera.

This is a quick quote from the Daily Record:

Footage of "UFOs" captured in sky above Glasgow before objects "head into orbit." The man, who does not want to be named, said he was out working at the Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Works when his pal spotted the objects up above, just after 11:05am on Monday.

Daily Record 

Here's the link to the Scotland Police filed Freedom of request. This is the logged acknowledgement of the FOIR so the reply is a PDF which I'll screenshot it so as not to bother you with a download. I've basically done it for you, your welcome, lol.

Freedom of information request for the UFO sighting near the Scottish Police helicopter in November 2021, Glasgow.

The Freedom of information request screenshot.

Why the Police Deny it's there I'll never know because the only people who fly helicopters and Hovering helicopters over Glasgow are the Police. It's a truly strange event unless the only other thing that I can think of as to why the Police would say that they wasn't there, is if the date or the time's asked to be looked into, in the FOIR are wrong? Seriously, that's the only thing that I can think of as to why a crucial part of the UFO sighting is missing? I'm wondering if it's actually taken place on or at an earlier date and time that was given in the request?

A later date would seem the likelihood wouldn't it because of how blatant the Police helicopter is in this video?

And seeing as though we're talking about specific time frames, it stands to reason that the FOIR is written wrong? Or should I say, it's been filled out wrong with the time's asked to be clarified are out of sync shall we say? I'm actually giving the Police a huge piece of trust here because normally you'd expect someone who writes about UFOs and conspiracy theories to be jumping up and down shouting "it's a cover up" lol.

C'mon, they can't all be "in on this massive UFO conspiracy" to cover up any and all UFO sighting's.

It's probably just a schoolboy error which occured while writing out the FOIR and as a path forward, this seems to be the best place to start investigating if it's possible that the time's and date is wrong...

Here's the extraordinary but very impressive looking double UFO sighting over Glasgow in Scotland on November of 2021, apparently the video is now above.

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Credit: Daily Record/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Never trust a police officer

  2. Quote the 5th amendment and never talk to police

  3. Do your research people. Gawd almighty check your facts. 21st Nov 2021 was Sunday - not Monday as stated here. The event happened 22 Nov 2021 - a Monday - around 11:05 local time. The helicopter in question is the G-NLDR, operated by PDG - a Eurocopter AS.355-F2. Police Scotland fly EC-135 which that isn't. The G-NLDR was almost certainly operating for Network Rail at that time, hence the camera/optical equipment at the front. Many operators can hover helicopters above Glasgow contrary to your article. Ask Network Rail if they saw little green men/kites/insulation tiles/balloons on that day. Have a nice one...

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