Another UFO From NASAs Archives On Mars

The possibility of alien life has always intrigued me, and the recent video uploaded by the History channel on YouTube is claiming that the NASA rover Perseverance has spotted aliens.

NASA photo shows a UFO on Mars in it's own archives.

As you can imagine it's only added fuel to the fire because it's more of NASA's archives showing evidence of Extraterrestrial life.


Everyone can agree that it shouldn't be there.

It shouldn't be there is an understatement and that's not just from the casual observer like me that's from experts around the world. It's from March 2021 when the Perseverance Rover takes a panoramic photo to get it's bearings and low and behold it's caught yet another UFO in the atmosphere. It's almost as if it was a greeting or a welcoming acknowledgement.

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But it seems like that's it, nothing has been done and nothing it seems is going to happen about this extremely odd UFO anomaly. NASA's main mission is to look for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space.

It seems that science has hijacked NASA's ethos and changed it to carry out experiments on rock samples to delay any real investigations and is only carrying out experiments to further its understanding of the planet itself. Okay, we get the picture if life is on Mars it's ancient microbial. There's more going on above you please look up. 

  • The History channel on YouTube uploaded a clip from the TV show The Proof Is Out There claiming that the NASA rover spotted aliens.
  • Similar-looking objects in the Martian atmosphere have been discovered using NASA's archives.
  • Whether or not this is proof of aliens and if they are watching human activity on Mars is up for debate.
  • In my opinion, it's exciting to think about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and its potential interest in us.

Yes, there's a huge difference between searching for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space and simply carrying out experiments on Mars. Regular as clockwork NASA will rediscover new "possible signs of water" on Mars which is annoying because we already know, we've got that Roger and NASA we know already stop with the water theory.

Now please go through all the evidence of Extraterrestrial craft visiting the International Space Station. You have all the technology to assess and create a deep analysis of the objects coming close to the ISS. If you publicly acknowledge your investigating the objects flying around the ISS people will wonder why you haven't made it public and why has it taken so long? Do you think people will wonder why you haven't got technology in place already to detect incoming objects and why at your convenience the live feed consistently turns off at the first sight of movement in the background. And why you haven't put a backup in place for the live feed?

If you cannot fix a simple (yes it is simple) and constant "technical difficulty" on a live feed but yet you can put a huge International structure in space it beggars belief. But for me, it raises many more questions as to your knowledge of the objects prior because when the live feed is brought back online you do not mention the anomaly at all, you don't look into it. You don't reference it you just ignore it even happened.

This is possible evidence of Extraterrestrial objects.

Even if it turns out to be something else at least you can say it is not and this is what we found.

It's why you exist, it's your supposed ethos and reason for existing. To search for evidence of Extraterrestrial life including ancient life in space. I don't have time to write in chronological order all the objects that have been visiting the ISS and you (NASA) simply ignore them.

Everybody knows that UFOs visit the ISS, it's common knowledge and you are oblivious to it or unaware because nothing has given you any reason to look. Are we watching a different live feed from the one you watch?

It's a basic lack of awareness at the very least and the most it's a deliberate attempt to withhold the information that Extraterrestrials are indeed active in space although they (Extraterrestrials) might not contact us they are simply going about their business and not interfering with the human beings.

And that is the blunt truth. That's not just me saying it it's all the videos and photos from your archives and unless I'm interpreting it upside down then...

We are more advanced than you might think.

We have:

Have helicopters on another planet, and we have robotic vehicles and Landers on other celestial bodies, we also have the pleasure and distinction of being an interstellar species because we officially have spacecraft that have crossed the heliosphere (the boundary where the influences are stronger from outside our solar system than those from our Sun.)

That's just the basics because nobody is compiling the everyday accomplishments of mankind. Or just how advanced are human beings? How advanced are human beings on a factual level in comparison to what most people believe?

Here's a Wikipedia link about the Mars Rover.

NASA should be all over it checking all the sensors, overhead satellite cameras, helicopters, orbiting satellites or anything else at their disposal. That's just my opinion on this.

The video titled "NASA Rover Spots Aliens, the proof is out there" is a clip from the TV show "The Proof Is Out There". While the video has generated a lot of buzz, it's important to remember that we need concrete evidence to prove the existence of aliens.

But if we're constantly ignoring it it's never going to happen (officially).

However, it's worth noting that even I have discovered similar-looking objects in the Martian atmosphere using NASA's archives. Anyone can find anomalies in the archives from NASA. While this doesn't necessarily prove the existence of aliens, it does raise some interesting questions. Are these objects natural formations or natural phenomena or are they evidence of intelligent life on Mars? Is it possible that aliens are watching human activity on Mars?

Here's the link to the UFO I discovered in the NASA archive.


In conclusion, while the possibility of alien life is exciting, we need concrete evidence to prove their existence. The recent video uploaded by the History YouTube channel is intriguing, but we need to approach it with a critical eye, please remember that. As we continue to explore the universe, we may one day find evidence of alien life or have an announcement that I've been waiting for, but until then, we can only speculate.

It could be that because all NASA missions are planned years ahead that this is why they're not looking for the immediate UFOs? They won't budge from a predetermined plan. Which I understand is a good thing, but NASA must take into account the immediate UFO activity and be open and honest with flexibility to address real and immediate UFO concerns.

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Credit: NASA/Wikipedia/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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