Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What Is Causing The Mandela Effect - Finally Heres The Answer

The Mandela Effect is an amazing theory that is gaining support from everyone including scientists, politicians influential public figures and me, the "common people" from right across the world! Our history is changing my friends and it is changing rapidly and nothing is off limits, because they can't control everything down to a tee? "They" are reportedly CERN, HAARP and time travellers in the Black project Government whom control the darker side of politics and world matters.

The Illuminati controls the world

These so-called "dark side" officials, over-lords, watchers or whatever you want to call them as, etc are controlling everything? "Our future" is in reality, theirs! There's no-such-thing as freedom of influence, expressions, speech and direction in life - unless it fits in with their overall plan's. The small things don't matter to them, they're interested in absolute control. Your already in their control everytime you abide by a law, rule or boundary, but there's more to what they want, continue reading to find out what else they want and already have...

These figures set up everything and are still tweaking everything (The Mandela Effect) in their image of what they want? The materials are good but what they really want is your soul! King Henry The 8th is a great example of owning souls. He not only had the peoples bodies and materials, he also had the peoples souls by setting up the Church Of England.

Henry 8th owned everyone's souls
King Henry The 8th Owned Souls
That is a great example of the control these new age watchers have now. If you times what King Henry The 8th did with souls, by ten million factors, you have the modern day "overlords" that have time travel and reality in their grasp by way of CERN, HAARP, NASA, JPL, Military, Navy, NSA, CIA, FBI. The list from Europe is endless with countless other bodies in the business of changing our reality, today! Their in league with the real devil.

Time travel is a reality
Time travel is real, very real
Smashing particles together, at or near the speed of light has many other effects not known to the public including The Mandela Effect. Creating a black hole in a "CONTROLLED" circumstance, is life itself! Do you understand what that means, controlled circumstances? It means they are Gods. They are making different realities all the time. Our reality was "made" a long time ago! "They" are creating or releasing energy as realities, all the time and harnessing the energy from these never ending, expanding realities which create amounts of energy that is quite literally "not measurable" in terms of an end and then stored.

The Mandela Effect Video.

They are basically doing what was done to us aeons ago. Creating parallel universes!

The people in control and whom use these "earthly controlled realities" are in partnership with captive-Aliens and my thoughts behind this, are because the flying saucers that were (caught or captured) in this reality (Roswell as an example) were caught hopping from one reality to another and have been forced in to creating machines from their own machines. They exist but  they don't exist? Magnets suspend these huge machines in a constant state spread out over 3 realities.

All the recent space noise or chatter, like the "wow" signal is an encrypted message. just like we humans encrypt all our communications, so do the Aliens. That's why we can't detect these signals and the ones we do, we pass it by because it is encrypted. We don't understand these signals because we don't send them and were not supposed to receive them, especially in a way we can understand them! But now that's all changed!

The wow signal is an encrypted message
The WOW signal is an encrypted signal
The recent surge over the last 60-70 plus years is because like a scout party, Aliens are looking for their machines and representatives that we have hijacked and spread everything we learned throughout the world so that they can't possibly take everything back! It's our back up system.

Take for instance Rendelsham Forest, the Aliens are looking for their ships and equipment also beings with their "scout ships", and orbs, lasers, energy that penetrates anything down to any depth. I truly believe they found them? And they want them back! Or we went in to a pact with them?

Because everytime we use this reverse engineered technology, we are giving off signals, that we can't understand fully (yet) but they can and it narrowed their search down to earth? Our moon has communication devices on it that are Alien in nature. These could be part of some ancient network of communications systems to keep vast colonies in communication and informed?

Alien reverse engineering
Reversed engineered Alien technology
There "are" smoke vents on the moon pouring out smoke "STILL" to this day! There is "mega mining" ports and mineral extraction facilities on the moon. Ancient communication systems, military grade defences and ancient structures made by Aliens. The ports go underground and across the Lunar deserts in vast tunnels.

Smoke stack on moon plus radars
Radars and smoke stacks on the moon
Mars is similar and I think that the earth was seeded many years ago with Alien DNA, mixed with Neanderthal DNA which created Humans, the work force. That's why slavery is in our history and at one time was innate. If you had a slave you was in effect a God, with power over life and death. Just like what the Aliens were doing. Maybe they tried not to put that in the DNA, but that innate instinct got through? The results are you and me!

DNA manipulation by Aliens
Alien DNA creating human Hybrids

As a work force for this system, we did all the grunt force work in the beginning. We worshipped the Aliens as Gods and erected huge temples to them. We tried to describe them with a new thing called writing? We tried to depict them in works of art and in doing so we entered in to the beginning of our independence and self expression? We rebelled against the Aliens. We became AWARE of our situation and rebelled against the so-called system!

I found this article;
A few scientists have (privately) questioned whether certain quantum science tests (including CERN projects) may have affected the fabric of our reality. It not a long article, find it here;
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