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Choose your Celtic Sigil and See What it Means for Your Spiritual Path

If you look, you will find!

The Celtic knots, also called Icovellavna, are a variety of knots and stylized graphical representations of knot patterns, used for decoration and spiritual purposes since antiquity.

Spiritual or spirituality belief is always a something which one requires throughout a lifetime and will always continue to grow? It doesn't come with you from the last life or given to you at birth! It's not a genetic code or something programmed within your heart or brain! Spirituality and spiritual reasoning is a smooth calm and understanding of oneself and the surrounding you're in plus everything you learn and everything you understand.

Well, I know that there's people reading this and will either agree with this or disagree with this? It doesn't matter which side of the fence you are? It doesn't matter if you believe this or if you don't believe this? What matters is that the person writing this understands this and has an understanding of spirituality and ones own spiritual self?

Which I do. It could be a personal and private journey which spirituality is a journey personalized to oneself so that everyone has a different understanding of spirituality? Overall though, everyone understands it to some degree or another? Maybe that's why we are not born with it already programmed within us? Because it's a journey and because it's personal to each other, like a hand made and made to measure set of gloves?

I'm a believer in knowledge and I believe that the more one knows about life, people and the surroundings which we find ourselves in really has a massive impact on ones own personal development which in turn determines the rate of which our own spiritual growth is set? If you look you will find! It doesn't get anymore basic of an explanation than that, does it?

Interestingly, various developments in the artistic use of interlaced knot patterns are found in Roman & Byzantine architecture and book illumination, Coptic art, Celtic art, Islamic art, Medieval Russian book illumination, Ethiopian art, and modern European artworks. A Celtic knot can be seen as a Celtic Sigil.

The Knot Magic is a very ancient form of Witchcraft associated with the Element of Air. The Knot represents the continuity, the endless flow of energy. As we can never find a beginning and the end of a knot, Celtic Knots represent the ultimate Magical Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future is one, it’s all now! It’s all about perception. What we perceive as the past, exists only in our minds as a symbol. This is why the Celtic Knots can also be viewed as Mandalas, the Hindu and Buddhist “version” of Celtic Knots.

The Celtic Knots can create powerful sigils with which we can cast powerful spells. The Key is your imagination and your ability to create such beautiful patterns. Of course, you can “borrow” ready ones and incorporate them into your Craft. There will be many articles about Celtic Knots in the future. For now, clear your mind, gaze upon the following 6 ones and ask yourself:

There is great potential within you. Your roots are deep in the Earth and you want solid foundations in your life. Grounding will be beneficial for you. The more you draw energy from the Earth, the more attuned you are with the World around you, and the more alive you will feel. (Click here to learn more about Grounding and how to do it). Take good care of your spine and your waist. Connect with nature and always remember the saying “as above, so below!”.

You chose the Celtic knot which represents Fire and the Phoenix, the sacred bird of Fire (click here to read more about the Phoenix). You are a very ambitious person, full of energy and passion. Fire burns within you brightly, however, as every fiery person should know, don”t over fuel your fire as it will burn quickly. Instead, fuel it gradually and you will see great benefits in your life.

The more you express your passion and creativity, the more fulfilled you will feel in your life.

The Spirit of Earth speaks to you with a clear voice through this Celtic Sigil. Be one with all Nature, and the world, within and without. The power you hold is immeasurable and it can bring great joy to your life and the life of others. When you realize that true strength lies within you, and it comes naturally, the more you will feel ready to change the things that you do not like. The Great Dragon, speaks of connection with Nature and our Natural environment. You should spend more time in Nature which will help you cultivate your power in a more robust way.

If you chose this Celtic Sigil, in fact, you chose the great symbol of Protection and personal power, the Pentacle. It is time you balance your life, both the spiritual and the physical self-need to become united. You will feel the benefits of any protective magical practices and at the same time all magic that will help you realize your true potential as a witch or life. You sign like a star, so the world, the brightness and the warmth of your heart. Liver detoxification may work miracles for you.

If you chose this Celtic Sigil you work with a sense of speed and agility. You are a flexible person, yet at the same time, you do not want to be disturbed by external influences which may become nuisances. You have the great ability, to know your path, even though you cannot see it. You enjoy feeling protected and cared for.
Tread lightly, but with your pose on the ground. The more you know yourself, the better you will know the world. (Read more about Cat Magic and how it can change your life)

Your heart is an open book. You radiate a warm and friendly energy. Caring for others, and being a supportive figure for everyone. There is magic within you and you do not have to try to bring it forward. Feeling relaxed is the key to your success. Follow the Sun, and you will never lose your way.

The Divine Sunflower Celtic Knot Symbol.

Guys there's lot's of places where you can find your own Celtic Knot designs but you don't get that description behind each and every single design unlike here? The link to the place where we researched our post is called Gostica and it's pretty clued up on most spirituality and spiritual things? All aspects of spiritual growth is represented here and the attention to detail is second to none?

We hope that you find what your looking for and that you find the ultimate answer to your question? Like most journeys, they all start with one very, very hard first question and then that first step? Some find it easy - but then it get's hard? If the first step is hard for you, well I guarantee that the rest of the steps are easier than the first one? It's just the way it goes? Destiny/divine intervention is a calm, epic, personal and common sense force of nature tailor made just to you? If you embrace this and accept this, then your journey has all the energy it will ever need to succeed! Tim, UFO Sightings Footage.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Skull 9,000 years old with a microchip found inside it, Mexico

Pedro Canché, editor of the local site El QuintanaRoo, revealed the details of this finding. In the human skull, which was found by underwater archaeologists, an artificial implant was discovered. First, scientists thought that it was just a plate inserted during trepanation of the skull.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains and bones of the animals of the Ice Age that once roamed the Earth. Remains found in the cave of Sak-Aktun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Scientists say that caves are "the most important underwater archaeological site in the world," where they discovered 200 archaeological finds.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

Of course it's interesting and amazing. But with a detailed study, scientists expected an even bigger surprise. It was a microchip. In the skull of the remains of a man of 9,000 years old, a microchip was found. The scientists were in shock. Immediately, the Mexican security service was brought to further research. All the truthful information about the find was classified. Who is doing it now and where, Pedro Canché does not know.

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

He himself did not see the artifact and all his information is based on the story of a person who was setting up equipment for scuba divers. According to this man, an unusual skull lay in a common heap along with the rest of the bones raised from under the water and until it dried up, the find did not attract attention to itself. After drying, archaeologists came and began to sort the raised from the bottom. The skull caused surprise of scientists, as at the nearest inspection carried traces of cranial surgery.

From left to right: Roberto Schmittner, Roberto Junco and Guillermo de Anda

Mexican archaeologist Guillermo de Anda said: "It's awesome. No doubt, this is the most important underwater archaeological site in the world. It is very unlikely that such findings have ever been made in the world. A large number of archaeological artifacts have been discovered and the degree of their preservation is also impressive. "(Note: What are these artifacts?)

Under the layer of scraped up deposits there was, as it were, a metal patch in the bone, in appearance from copper. But when metal tools were passed through, a very thin, branched system of contacts was found, the ends of which were deepened to the edges inward. All who were in the group looked at it under the magnifying glass, strict symmetry of the lines did not cause doubts in the technological origin of the object, because if it were an ornament - it was visible to the naked eye.

And why the ornament on the plate, which the ancient surgeon closed a hole in his head to someone? Then came the armed people and the artifact from the finds disappeared, which completely dispelled doubts about the uniqueness of the found.
Link to our source of information:

Underwater archaeologists studying the world's largest flooded cave system, discovered 9000-year-old human remains

UFO explodes in the night sky over western Russia (Video)

A UFO in the form of a ball of light slowly traversed the night sky over the western Russian city of Lipetsk before exploding in mid-air. The mystery object’s flight was caught on camera by a number of eyewitnesses. A mystery light-ball trailing in the sky above Lipetsk in Russia’s west, was spotted by local residents on Tuesday evening, according to social media posts which called the object “a UFO.”

UFO landed after a fireball exploded in the sky over Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

A mysterious explosion above the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has raised many questions here specially the debris found at the crash site. Some believed that it was a meteor or an asteroid strike. The debris found at the crash site proved otherwise, the debris included a burnt off humanoid and parts that seemed like pieces of some craft or kind certainly not what you would expect to find in a meteor struck area.

Strange UFO lands in Mexico after a fireball was seen in the sky?

Is this a UFO crash site?

This raises various questions as to what was the cause of this explosion. Was it a satellite? Or was it some secret government project experiment or was it a spacecraft of an extra-terrestrial? Is this a UFO crash site? It is interesting to note that this is the very place where a huge meteor struck the earth with devastating consequences, the explosion was huge, and the debris, dust, and smoke plume rose miles above the sky and stayed there for a long time.

This resulted in the sunlight being blocked, which killed the vegetation on earth as a result of which the dinosaurs which depended on vegetation gradually died off due to starvation.

Dinosaurs died off in this same place as the recent UFO crash site.

Same place the meteorite that wiped out Dinosaurs?

But on a positive note, this was the reason the mammals evolved. It is no brainer that these aliens from different planets have been visiting earth regularly as can be noted by UFO sightings globally.

It could be possible that one of their space crafts crashed on earth. But interestingly enough the military did not reach the site immediately to clear up any UFOs debris or dead aliens from the site. NASA has been very interested in UFO’s crash sites and has been secretly taking this debris or captured aliens to their secret military bases to carry out research on them.

But then this crashed craft could itself be some experimentation carried out by NASA scientists. Who knows? My guess is as good as yours!

UFO hovering in the sky over Mexico

Many people saw this UFO in Mexico.A video shot by a woman in Mexico has gone viral as the “first alien sighting of 2018.” The video, which was shot on a smartphone by a woman on the road in Baja California, appears to show an oddly shaped object floating in mid-air that doesn’t resemble any known aircraft. But is it a UFO of the Alien spying on us, in a peeping Tom kinda way?

Some (don't know who?) suggest that the small, slender object is indeed an alien craft, which others say isn’t a craft at all, but rather people testing some type of jet pack. Others say the video is an obvious fake, though nothing has been determined conclusively at this point.

UFO Sightings Footage is of the opinion that that this is a real freaky, strange and very puzzling UFO sighting? Is it real, yeah. Is it an Alien, no. Is it of other worldly origins, no. This is what we call a "genuine" misunderstanding of the obvious kind! Someone has gone to the lengths to plan, create and build an obvious Alien looking space craft that "they" know because everyone nowadays has a smartphone or cell phone with a camera that the likelihood of this being mistook for a real UFO is high?

This is a by proxy, UFO laughable episode so-to-speak? Some miscreants have exploited peoples naieveness and turned an inexpensive drone (probably) in to a good looking UFO which they know someone (maybe) someone that's not the sharpest knife in the drawer will misidentify this as a real UFO and the rest as they say, will do the job for them!

It's just as simple as that!

We're seeing this more and more here at UFO Sightings Footage. People are convinced they've had a real UFO encounter and some have had bad experiences with this also. Is it good or funny? NO! Is it smart or team building? NO!

Can you blame them? NO! It's (at the time) the best thing since sliced bread? The drone might be on it's last legs and what better way to go out with this drone than turning it in to someones own UFO encounter! Imbeciles.

Link to the video:

Experts have gotten in on this one aswell. Experts are saying this is a great sighting. So-called experts are having a field day! All we can say is this.

If you think it's a fake, if your gut is telling you it's not real and common sense is ruling out Aliens and the likelihood that this thing is from another Alien planet? Well then, we suggest you go with your gut! Always go with your gut. If your wrong then your wrong, but will we ever know one way or another with this? Who knows? Time might be the answer to this?
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