Hitler And The Nazis Had An Advanced Secret Antarctic Base

As if I needed more evidence that I have a really awesome job, I occasionally get emails from my editor, Jason, that say things like, "A reader just left a comment about Nazis looking to form a super-advanced civilisation in Antarctica. Can we add that to the list of things to investigate.

Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilisations in Antarctica.

While there are more than a few conspiracy theories that deal with the Nazis and advanced ancient and/or alien civilisations, the supposed Nazi/alien/Antarctica connection, as told by a number of paranormal/conspiracy writers, can be summed up like this: the Nazis claimed an area of Antarctica as German territory and sent an expedition there plus the Nazis experimented with innovative technology like stealth aircraft and liquid-propellant rockets and the Nazis in Antarctica must have found alien technology or met actual aliens.

Branching out from that hypothesis, there are stories about Hitler being whisked away to a secret Antarctic lair built under a mountain, British and U.S. forces battling Nazis and UFOs in the snow and, finally, the polar Nazi forces being wiped out by a nuclear bomb. It would make an excellent summer action movie, but are these stories based on anything? Like many conspiracy theories, there are some elements of truth to it all. But whether the facts can be woven together into one cohesive narrative without having to make great leaps of logic is another matter.

The German Antarctic Expeditions and Base The Story:

In 1938, the Nazis sent a large team of explorers including scientists, military units and building crews on war ships and submarines - to the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. While mapping the area, they discovered a vast network of underground warm-water rivers and caves. One of these caves extended down as far as 20-30 miles and contained a large geothermal lake.

Ancient and alien civilisations in Antarctica.

The cave was explored and construction teams were sent in to build a city-sized base, dubbed Base 211 or New Berlin, that hosted the SS, the Thule Society, “serpent cults,” various Nazi occultists, the Illuminati, and other shadowy groups. At some point, the Germans either discovered abandoned alien technology or made contact with extraterrestrial explorers (variously described as Greys or Reptilians).

They learned or were taught how to replicate the alien technology, and used it to begin developing a number of super weapons including an advanced aircraft called an “antigravity-disk,” or flying saucer. While many of these weapons were not ready for use in World War II, the base and the ability to manufacture these weapons might still exist and the Germans/aliens/some cult or secret society (depending on which conspiracy theorist you ask) will eventually launch a New World Order from it.

From December 1938 to April 1939, the Germans really did carry out an exploratory expedition to the western part of Queen Maud Land. Instead of a large-scale scientific and military operation, though, it consisted of one ship, the Schwabenland, and its goal was to scout new territory for the expanding German whaling industry.

Germans really did carry out an exploratory expedition to the western part of Queen Maud Land.

Further expeditions were planned, and while there’s no mention in German documents of any intention to establish a base, the future trips where one could have been built were quickly cancelled with the outbreak of World War II. After this first expedition, there was no official German activity in Antarctica until 1959, when several Germans joined a Russian expedition.

Even if they had wanted to, it’s not likely that the Schwabenland crew could have built even a small base, let alone one the size of a small city. The expedition, according to the ship’s logs, was only near the coast for a month. Summerhayes and Beeching figure it would have taken the Germans ten days to walk from the boat to the supposed site of the base and another ten to get back, leaving them less than ten days to build an entire base. Other polar expeditions of the era are known to have taken twice that long to build even small huts.

Operation Tabarin: SAS vs Nazis The Story:

While Great Britain was claiming the South Shetland, South Orkney and other islands between Antarctica and South America, they decided they needed a permanent presence in the area to monitor Nazi activity in Antarctica, Argentina and Chile. A secret military exercise, Operation Tabarin was launched by the Royal Navy, and established bases throughout the islands and on the Antarctic peninsula. Eventually, the Germans discovered the British base on the peninsula and attacked it in the summer of 1945. The base was under siege for months, until the SAS arrived around Christmas and rescued it.

For one thing, by the summer of ’45, Hitler was dead and the Germans had surrendered to the Allies. For another, the SAS was disbanded in October, and wasn’t reestablished until a few years later. British documents also suggest that Operation Tabarin was neither as large nor battle-ready as the stories say.

Deterrence and spying were not stated goals, and most of the activities were scientific. The base crews consisted mainly of wireless radio operators and government scientists, with very few combat-ready infantrymen. The largest crew, at Hope Bay, consisted of only 13 people, hardly a force that could repel the Germans for almost six months. Hitler’s Great Escape.

The Story:

Two months after the German surrender, a German U-boat, U-530, entered the Argentine naval base at Mar del Plata after escaping from Germany with Hitler, Eva Braun and high-ranking Nazi and SS officials on board and dropping them off at the German Antarctic base. An alternative theory says that the U-boat U-977 had been ferrying Hitler’s ashes, which were placed with other Nazi treasures packed in bronze, lead-lined boxes in the Antarctic city-base.

Survey: By 1945, Argentina had declared war on Japan and Germany after years of neutrality and friendly enough relations with the Germans. When the U-boat arrived, the captain thought his crew would be well-received, but they were taken as prisoners of war and interrogated by the Argentine's, the Americans and the British. The interrogators from all three countries concluded that the appearance of the submarine in the area was coincidental Hitler was not on board.

Summerhayes and Beeching also consider the dates of U-530’s departure from Germany and arrival in Argentina, a U-boat’s travel speed, and the weather conditions during the summer of 1945, all of which suggest that neither U-boat could have gotten Hitler or his remains to Antarctica. U-530 would not have had time to stop there on its journey, and either U-530 or U-977 would’ve had to dive deeper and longer under sea ice than they were capable of to reach Antarctic coastal land. Link to our source of information about Nazis in Antarctica. Link about Alien UFO Base number 2. All images are in the public domain.

Actual Energy Beam Is Captured Coming Out Of The Top Of Bosnian Pyramid

Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.

The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. It is an excellent find and it was quite by accident.

Energy beam coming from a Pyramid.

This is the first bit of real proof of non-herzian technology on the planet Earth. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working. In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”. Stunning information.

Further electromagnetic detection in 2011 confirmed that levels of negative radiation through the Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels. There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity. Ceramic sculptures are positioned over the underground water flows and the negative energy is transformed into positive. The list of the wonders in Bosnian archaeology does not end here. Read entire article right here it is fascinating.

A similar event occurred in 2009. On June 24, 2009, a beam of light was captured on photo above the ChiChen Itza Pyramid (on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico). The witnesses that captured this photo, did not see anything there until seeing it in the photos. And this photo was taken in 2000 and shows the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Mysterious beam of energy seen coming out of a Pyramid.

Unique discovery was made in Bosnia Pyramids!

Where exactly? It was near well known Sarajevo, beside the town of Visoko. The main pyramid, Pyramid of the Sun is not a small or unimpressive structure. It is 220 meters high and the width of sides is more than 360 meters! Exterior of the revealed pyramid is covered, or better say tiled, by stone-hard blocks made of original mixture and by genuine technology.

This fact, together with many others, indicates presence and activity of unknown ancient civilization. Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich who is the head and author of archaeological research and all the project in Visoko went into Pyramid of the Sun. Were the pyramids used as a source of energy? And if so, which kind of it? Electrical engineers measured energetic beam situated in the center of The Pyramid of the Sun. Its diameter is 4.5 meters, having frequency of 28 KHz, the origin is not natural -- it is artificial. Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich explains what has been found lately and so far in the Bosnian valley of the Pyramids in this video here.

A recent carbon dating performed on a pyramid in Bosnia, proves it to be at least 25 thousand years old. Most scientists and historians however believe that human civilization started about 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and Babylonians. That is, until artifacts were found, which predate them. These discoveries suggest, that there was a pre-historical civilization around the world- one that must have been highly advanced.

Link to our source of information secrets of the ancient Pyramids.

Aliens Created GOD When They Left Earth - Claims Giorgio Tsoukalos

Ancient alien civilizations were once mistakenly venerated by humans, creating the base for modern-day religion, it has been spectacularly claimed by History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Mr Tsoukalos presented his incredible theory about the origins of religion at the annual Contact in the Desert UFO conference in Indian Wells, California, this weekend.

History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.

The TV conspiracy theorist known for hosting Ancient Aliens on the History Channel gave an impassioned two-hour talk about ancient encounters between humans and extraterrestrial astronauts. The UFO-hunter alleged early people misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their technology was interpreted as magic.

He said: “The reason that we’re in the crap that we’re in today is because of misunderstood technology. “The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials.” According to Mr Tsoukalos, examples of the misrepresented technology are evident in the Egyptian and Central American Pyramids as well as ancient literature and art.

The TV host blamed archaeologists for dismissing evidence of alien visitors.

Alien claim: TV presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos believes in ancient alien astronauts.

Mr Tsoukalos came to prominence for his appearance on the History Channel show. He said: “If the alien guy says that the Earth is round, trust me, it’s round.” Mr Tsoukalos is a vocal proponent of the idea alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans in the past. His offbeat theories came to prominence and online fame thanks to his appearances on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

  The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extraterrestrials. According to Mr Tsoukalos, examples of the misrepresented technology are evident in the Egyptian and Central American Pyramids as well as ancient literature and art. The evidence that we've been visited is overwhelming and that's to say the least.

The TV host blamed archaeologists for dismissing evidence of alien visitors in ancient relics as artwork of gods, magic and other fantastical beings. Among other things, the Ancient Aliens host claimed the Earth is round and not flat, humans will one day explore the far corners of space and aliens do in fact need space suits when travelling through space.

The TV host has since appeared on the Travel Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel and National Geographic. However, his work on Ancient Aliens has been described by audiences to be far fetched and extremely speculative. He said: “If the alien guy says that the Earth is round, trust me, it’s round.” Mr Tsoukalos gave a speech at the Desert Expo UFO conference in California. Link to our source of information Express Online.

Desert Expo UFO conference in California.

Source Express.

Scientists Have Officially Started To Look For Aliens In Antarctica - Or Is It Misdirection

Are there Aliens in Antarctica and why is Nasa testing drones there that are going to Europa.

You see this post online, it's stating that scientists have officially started to look for Aliens but are using Antarctica as a backdrop to the place they're going to be looking which is apparently Europa? What, this is giving so many clues off that I simply don't know where to start? Europa is nothing like Earth but they're fine tuning their drone to Earth conditions to work on Europa. It doesn't make sense at all?

The video I made is to big to be uploaded on my website so I have uploaded it to VK here.

Antarctica, it's either that there's something deep under the ice of Antarctica like Aliens which they say there is species there that nobody has ever seen or they are preparing their equipment for the icy depths of Europa the Moon of Jupiter? Guy's there's many, many things going on for this that have made me think twice as it is putting scientists in the spotlight something which they never want and now they're admitting albeit in a roundabout way that Aliens exist otherwise they wouldn't be entertaining this would they or supposedly going to Europa?

They have a finite amount of cash for research from NASA and so spending money on "crazy" thoughts as that's all it is don't forget, they're supposedly going to look for Alien life if it exists? This is never going to happen, unless they know something concrete and we don't!

That's my quick assumption, what about you? In 2030 everyone will have forgotten about this mission (that's what I believe, OK you name me a mission from 13 years ago) and even then they'll just say "oh sorry, we scrapped that mission" due to not getting the drone to work blah blah or it was to ambitious...

Put it this way, if I was a fact finding crusader scientist (all scientists are) and pouring money in to something so controversial and universally accepted as insane as this is, then you'd have to pretty much twist my arm or bribe me with a wad of liquorice all-sorts. I have expensive candy - chocolate tastes!

I would say unless you show me concrete evidence or the actual proof that there's Alien life on Europa we're not going, because otherwise I'm spending the money on more solid "bang"for your buck so to speak - like going back to the Moon to colonise that. That's why it seem's to me that they know there's life "somewhere" either in Antarctica (that's what I think and believe) or it's definitely on Europa "or" the third choice: This is all a red herring and they're not going anywhere but just making it look like they are to get or continue funding?

So, the red flags have gone up and it look's like they're staying up? Well that's as far as I'm concerned? It's only my opinion's and guy's your entitled to your own opinion's and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I'm going to quote this amazing website called Popular Mechanics (the link goes to the post about Aliens in Antarctica) on this amazing new story:

When you need to recreate the frozen temperatures of Jupiter's Europa, few places on Earth will do.

Image credit/Daniel Dichek

Alien Seas Icefin is meant to search for alien life a "bug hunt," as some scientists cheerfully call it. It is bound for the icy waters (icy waters doesn't even make sense but that's what it says on their website?) of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, possibly as soon as 2030.

“Icefin is capable of deploying through small drill holes in the ice, similar to what will one day be needed to explore Europa,” Schmidt says. “In the meantime, this project is looking to understand how ice-ocean interactions operate in Antarctica, and how these processes may couple to biological communities.”

Like many subsea drones, the 10-foot-long Icefin is shaped like a torpedo. It made headlines in 2014 as one of the prototype drones that plumbed the Antarctic as part of a NASA program to test the technology. Now, a new program called the Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe (RISE UP), NASA is funding three expeditions to put an upgraded Icefin under the ice. This was its first deployment.

“Icefin is capable of deploying through small drill holes in the ice, similar to what will one day be needed to explore Europa,” Schmidt says. “In the meantime, this project is looking to understand how ice-ocean interactions operate in Antarctica, and how these processes may couple to biological communities.”

So guy's I've only mentioned just a few sentences from the post and it's tantalising isn't it? I tell everything that's on my mind about this post in the video I have done about? It stinks of a real cover up mission here on Earth under the ice in Antarctica. I put my money on them finding the Alien life here in Antarctica and covering it up - which might be what they so desperately are seeking for in Antarctica just like all the other scientists that go there to study these "Aliens" (again my own opinion) I mean climate change and weather patterns and ice formations, lol. It even say's in the post that people are regularly finding new species that nobody has ever seen with their own eyes, weird!

Satan Worshiper From Ghana Admits To Sacrificing 675 People

Active worship of Satan in the modern age.

A young man from Ghana has published to the web, a video of himself describing something that many people still insist isn’t real. Active worship of Satan in the modern age.

675 people over the past 17 years as human sacrifices to the Father of Lies.

The man, who appears to be in his 30's and wearing a Transformers mask Bumblebee, is seen describing how he’s used some 675 people over the past 17 years as human sacrifices to the Father of Lies, with whom he says he’s had an active relationship.

Because the man was born into a “fully spiritual family,” he says he’s been Satan’s buddy almost since birth. But in order to maintain this relationship, the man says he was required by the god of hell to pay up in the form of human life.

Demons Are For Real And They Are Very Nasty.

Of the 675 humans he’s sacrificed, the man says most of them were children that were given to him by doctors and nurses who were secret members of an occult group. During the course of his relationship with Satan, the man says he also had at his disposal 664 demonic spirits who helped him perform all sorts of evil acts. Many of these evil ghosts have names, he says, and can be beckoned at will by those who are satanically inspired.

According to the man, he’s hardly alone. There are many people who worship Satan where he lives, including many so-called “pastors” who are really just Satan’s agents in disguise. They go around preaching a message about Christ when, in fact, they’re agents of evil tasked with deceiving their followers. Some of these “pastors” claim to perform miracles, he says, but they either don’t work or don’t last. One common “miracle,” the distribution of “healing water,” is claimed to cure people from disease and deliver them from bondage. In some cases the “healing water” appears to work at first, only to have an affliction return later with a vengeance.

The original told on Humans Are Free story.
I'm not gonna show the video of him describing the vile hideous things but if you want to look it up, then do so. Here's the link to the video.

So the best thing about this is that the more people know that know about this evil, the better to get rid of it as Satan worship (especially in the USA) is on the rise because of things like the Ouija board, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, The Following, Horror shows and movies like Exorcism, Paranormal Entity, Lords Of Salem, The Devil, Satan etc etc and other types of incredibly naive things? It makes light of Evil. That's wrong.

Alien Agenda of Replacing Humans With Hybrids

Throughout history there's been a many lookalikes but then there's been a certain few other's that just look damn weird? Unexplained doppelgangers and people that deliberately go out of there way to look like people (Michael Jackson for starters) and then there's the other dark side.
I'm going to put some images on here showing clones throughout history.

The DNA experiments like Dolly the sheep. Then there's the very recent Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua which are the worlds first fully cloned Monkies from China. China doesn't have the same restrictions and laws as the rest of the world and even then there's lot's of countries that actually don't have any laws against this type of stuff. A free for all type of scenario for scientists looking for a free passport. A "do whatever" you want and at the end of it, just walk away.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a cloned Alien from ancient history.

Eddy Murphy might be a clone of himself throughout history.

Hilary Clinton might just be a real clone immortalized through being a clone.

Has the Alien species offered Enzo Ferrari the ability to live forever.

So yeah, China is working within the laws of the land and they can clone these monkies until they turn blue. But is it ethical? Is it right? Well keep on reading and you'll soon read why I think that this kind of thing is even happening in the first place? It's fascinating and it explains a lot of things that is murkier than a Louisiana Bayou.

Humans are the next step (some it's been done already) and some have said that they have been cloning humans since 1978. That doesn't even compare to the real conspiracy theory that states that people have been cloned for centuries. If there was ancient Aliens then that means that ancient Alien's had some very advanced technology. It must be very advanced if they came to this planet on a spaceship or UFO? If we have this kind of technology now, image an Alien race only half advanced back in the olden days of thousands of years and then it sinks in that humans have been getting cloned for a very very long time.

Do you know what this means?

It means that even you could be descended from a cloned Alien and you could be a clone yourself? Especially if your an orphan or don't remember your parents? Brought up by the state? Guy's it's the perfect cover story.

Hugh Grant an actor could very well be a clone.

Then there's the sperm donor. Wow, this is a perfect and I mean perfect way for scientists to install anything they want to! An orphan with no family and no connections just appears, that doesn't make sense - but it does if you put in the small detail of cloning and Alien beings with a nefarious and bigger story. Let's have it right, an Alien could leave a basket on an orphanage's doorstep and just ring the bell and watch from the car I mean UFO as the basket containing the Alien hybrid is taken in and cared for as an equal human being.

Is Putin a clone from history.

So, it beg's the question: Just why are DNA databases and other different ways that the government to gather and amass data on it's own people and amass a huge archive of DNA profiles. It makes sense that we the people are being vetted, we're been weeded out and we're been hunted. If the human species did begin on this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago then it doesn't matter because we're all related.


"Pssss" check this next chapter out that I found online about our ancestors and why we might look like each other? This is really eye opening and very, very crazy. Some ancestor DNA companies who try to link your history, might not be fully Kosher and might be scamming us? According to this respected scientist and his argument is scientific guys!


If someone in the 9th century successfully passed on their genes through their offspring - well then we're all related and that's according to Dr Booth who worked alongside Dr Selina Brace who both worked on the DNA of the Cheddar Man (Britain's oldest known skeleton). I think he means the people of Britain trying to link themselves to the ancient Vikings? Here's the post link so you can read it for yourself. It is eye popping and revealing to say the very least.
“Because everyone in the 9th century, if they’ve successfully passed on a descendant, is your ancestor.”
Dr Tom Booth.
Specialist in ancient DNA.

“What I really don’t like about these companies is that they market themselves as linking you to medieval populations, which is complete bunkum, you can’t do that.”

Guy's I honestly don't know what to make of our so-called ancient ancestory past? Are all related or are we all cloned and are there neferious and cunning organizations working to undermine the human race and bring the ancient species of humanity to it's knee's? Are we slowly (time is of no consequence) been replaced by a hardier, more robust, lives longer and can grow and thrive in harsher conditions like say Mars?

It is all beginning to fall in to place because Monsanto isn't working to create wheat that can grow in harsh conditions because if they was, they would be already growing it, already selling it, already it would be on the market but no! They are sitting on it. They are amassing a vast seed bank of these seed's so they can take with them when they go to Mars. they are creating food that can grown in the harshest conditions found in the world.

It's not, it's so they can grow food in space.

We just don't know if Hilary Clinton is a clone.

Monsanto Corporation recently took a farmer to court and they won because the farmer wanted a Monsanto wheat plant that had got on to his property because his property is next to the Monsanto test and test farm, ranch or whatever you wanna call it, off his property. The court ordered the farmer (obviously) to leave it or go to prison! That's because the judge, the court and the authorities and the politicians are all getting ready to leave this test laboratory that we call Earth. Why do you think technology keeps shrinking in size, because it's easier to store on spaceships and so they can take more. The planet Earth is a secondary home to these Aliens, their original home is Mars. They want to go back to Mars.

There's a species of being's or Martians on this planet that came here from Mars many, many eons ago when they obliterated their own planet. They nuked Mars, they toasted their environment because they are a very nasty race of people apparently? It makes sense because they obliterated their own home! They even nearly obliterated one another to extinction and so had to come here (Earth) to replenish their species back a manageable and a more healthy species albeit a hybrid version but Martians no less. DNA experimentation was always going to happen because that's their main objective. that's their main reason for being on this planet. they are wanting to bring Mars back to it's splendor like it was a long time ago.

Is Ellen DeGeneres a real clone from history.

There's many examples of clones possible from history.

These hybrids are integrating in to the human race because they was dying out. They brought all their knowledge and they brought their genius genes with them. In the USA you can order a baby with a predetermined IQ, hair color, eye color skin color, height and with no diseases, no viruses that can or could give the baby any abnormal effects. Look it up again before saying no way, that's impossible. Just look it up!

What was the second world war about?

Why was there a second world war?

Thinning out the over stocks. thinning out the experiments and guys, everyone has heard about the second world war but nobody knows why it started! That's messed up. Look it up.

Our sources of information:
Link 1 The Telegraph
Link2 The BBC News
Link 3 Imgur Glitches In The Matrix

Today Is The Longest Blood Moon In 100 Years July 27th - Watch It Live At 18:00 UTC

Guys it's finally here, the longest blood Moon - Lunar Eclipse in 100 years! How fantastic is that. This means that we're in for a right treat. There's going to be some very happy people but there's going to be some sad people as it's not visible all over the world? So where is this available to see on Earth? It starts at 18:00 UTC, on July 27, 2018.

The eclipse will start at 17:14 UTC, but it may not be visible until 18:24 UTC when the Earth's dark shadow first touches the lunar surface. Tune in at 18:00 UTC, on July 27, 2018 to watch our live stream of the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse:

Watch the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Live here today!

Worldwide Eclipse Times:
Starts 18:14 BST
Partial Starts 19:24 BST
Total Starts 20:30 BST
Maximum 21:21 BST
Total Ends 22:13 BST
Partial Ends 23:19 BST
Ends 00:28 BST

Link to YouTube video.

The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century. But you can always go to the original website on timeanddate.com to watch it live there? YouTube allows anyone to embed videos from YouTube to your website through the embedding feature. If you do not disable this feature through your channel and people can embed your video on their website, this is you giving your approval which is set out in YouTube's privacy policy. That policy to embed videos on a website can be found here.

Guy's this is in 3D how awesome is this. Also the normal video is below so you've got the best of both worlds. This is an awesome time for astronomy and Lunar research. This is going to only happen once in your life time.

For almost 2 hours on the 27th July, stargazers will be able to watch the Moon turn the color of blood red in a phenomenon that usually takes place once every few years.

Blood moons may be fairly common, but the sheer duration of this spectacle will give the best chance yet of capturing the perfect photo. To help make sure that you’re all set for the cosmic event, we got some tips from professional photographer and Canon ambassador David Noton.

Forward planning is the best way to guarantee a great photograph, so David recommends getting prepared in the right way. “We no longer need to rely on weight tables to consult the behavior of the moon,” explains Noton. “We can simply download an app on to our phone.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (diary) is useful for giving moon-rise and moon-set times, bearings and phases; while the PhotoPills app gives comprehensive information on the position of the moon in our sky.”

The longest Lunar eclipse in 100 years, this is exceptionally amazing.

A blood moon is essentially another word for a total lunar eclipse. This happens when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. During complete totality (the moment when the Earth is completely obscuring the light from the Sun) the Moon will turn a deep orange color. The reason for this is that the only light reaching the Moon will have been passed through the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s atmospheric composition will then greatly determine just how blood-colored the Moon becomes.

When is the blood moon? In the UK, the blood moon will take place on the night of Friday the 27th July 2018. It’s believed that the phenomenon will start at 8:49 pm and will carry on for around an hour and 23 minutes depending on how east you are in the UK.

What you’ll see during the whole phase of the lunar eclipse will be the Moon steadily getting darker and darker before it quickly turns a dark red color. Once it passes back out of the Earth’s shadow it’ll then switch back to being its normal color and steadily increase in brightness again. If you’re curious about what causes this, NASA has a really helpful video here it's called Lunar eclipse essentials.

The TR3b Is An Actual Real Spacecraft With A Real US Patent

The TR-3b spacecraft which is always getting mistaken for a real UFO quite regularly - as it turns out it's actually this amazing and "very real" triangular spacecraft.

A great guy brought this US Patent to my attention (Cheers Terrence) these spectacular and "very real" technical drawing's and officially filed Patent on the Google Patents website of this elusive, secretive and very Alien looking Spaceship. What a fantastic machine this is. I think they've been using this since way before it was submitted for a US Patent in 2004? Link's are below.

Fig 1.

TR-3b or the tr3b as it is known looks like a Ufo.

Guy's this has to be the best US Patent that there is especially taking in to effect that there's UFOs out there all time been reported as "triangular shaped" well we know for a fact now that it could be terrestrial instead of extraterrestrial in origins? Not to say that there isn't any triangle shaped UFOs out there because I'm pretty sure there is. I even think this was back engineered from a recovered UFO. I've seen evidence which suggests that this is the case?

Here's what it is described as:

A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion. What do you think about that then? It is fantastic.

B64G1/00 Cosmonautic vehicles
B64G1/22 Parts of, or equipment specially adapted for fitting in or to, cosmonautic vehicles B64G1/40 Arrangements or adaptations of propulsion systems
B64G1/409 Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems

The tr3b spacecraft is in the US Patents archives.


This invention is a spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner. The line charges create a horizontal electric field that, together with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume providing a unique combination of both lift and propulsion.

Referring to FIG. 1, the spacecraft has a hull in the shape of an equilateral triangle. A parabolic antenna (E) is centrally located in the bottom of the hull. An array of horizontal slot antennas is located along the side of the hull (A). Each back corner (F,G) has a corner conducting plate which is charged to a positive voltage +V. The forward corner (C) has a conducting plate charged to a negative voltage −V. A motion control hemisphere (D) is located on the bottom surface in each of the three corners.

Wow, that's pretty nuts and that's just a tiny, tiny part of the description as it goes right in to depth and comes across as a real back engineered job. The inventor John St. Clair is credited with this amazing invention and I bet you any money "he" is fictional! I reckon that the date this was submitted is not the real date? Apparently they've been in the skies for decades? it officially though was submitted in 2004.

Here's the U.S Patent & trademark Office websites "official" website address for the Triangular Spacecraft invention. This is spectacular, I mean it Terrence, thanks buddy for bringing it to my attention. Even though it's in the public domain, I doubt if I would of found soon? I could there's always that chance but how cool is this. Here's the link to the Google US Patent website.

Here's all the wonderful images.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

The tr3b spacecraft that is usually misidentified as a Ufo.

How cool is this line from the invention description:

This combination of fields produces a space-time force in both the vertical and horizontal directions such that the spacecraft receives a lift force and a force of propulsion.

Please, you must leave us your comments and opinions on this incredible and very real invention some say must be back engineered? Personally this is what my views are. I believe this is real back engineered technology from a real Alien spacecraft.

Nephilim Giants Must Of Existed Here's The Evidence

Nephilim Giants in the distant past have left their big feet impressions all over the world. If you don't believe this then please explain all these impressive footprints. An amazing collection of 24 Giant footprints.

Guys that's not one weirdo fanatic going from one country to another "in the past" with a brass or copper chisel and bringing his freaky fantasies to reality by chiselling the impression of a clown foot just to confuse the future conspiracy theorists lol. These are actual, ancient, massive - huge footprint of a Giant. I believe that we have discovered the footprint of a Nephilim. The ancient Nephilim was real, if you really have legitimate doubts about that, then you can please continue to check out this post and you'll see the impressive collection of photos from around the world of ancient, petrified sediment footprints.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

So, who were the Nephilim? Just who was these Giants of the ancient ages of mankind and the builders of well, nothing? There legacy is what?

That's it, left in these footprints? That's rubbish. Seriously that's really crap. If I had massive feet I'd be kicking forest over, kicking something anyways? Probably other Giants.

Did you know David and Goliath the Bible story? Well, the giant Goliath is only 6 foot 9 inches. Hardly a giant. But if you look back on ancient history, everyone is small. Everyone is small in stature. Columbus was said to be a giant but was only 6 foot he was taller than "any" European of the day. You see, humans have always been small unless you look back on the very early different genealogy then you see that different lines have different sizes.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Europeans where absolutely tiny right, even Hobbit like so how did the early Europeans manage to conquer the entire known world? It's one hell of a perplexing and wonderfully doomed story of pain suffering and yes, privilege. But only for the few!

But that's entirely another story. The more I looked into the Nephilim footprints theory the more I became aware that the history portrayed by the west, is open to interpretation and opinion. Now, that's not history because history is supposed to be based on facts! It's not just the west that have "imagination interpretation" because for some reason or another most if not all civilizations of the world have a God story of origins.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Fun facts:

Shadowhunters, (link here) also known as Nephilim, are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with angel blood, (I honestly have not measured their feet though). They have fought demons and lived alongside Downworlders in the Shadow World for well over a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society.

It was a warlock who supposedly summoned the Angel Raziel to create the first of the Nephilim. Although "witch" is generally a term used to refer to mundanes who partake in witchcraft, it is also sometimes used to refer to female warlocks.

Shadowhunters also known as Nephilim.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Hieronymus Bosch is based on Genesis 6:1–4.

But how big were their feet? Well they were absolutely huge! Check out the photo below... It's obvious to me and you that this must be more than 20 thousand years old, 30 thousand years maybe? Okay what about 50 thousand years ago? The stone here must of originally been flat, but the Earth must have erupted, it's either slowly moved to it's current position or it was thrown there by a tremendous eruption of a volcano?

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Then there's this very unique imprinted footprint of what can only be described as a human footprint! I'm sometimes speechless and on this occasion I am.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

You can see the indentation of the rock which was caused by the sheer weight of the Giant that made this footprint. It's not just the footprint itself that's on show but it is also the fact that the Giant started to sink into the soft ground which has since solidified and then petrified.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

A Dinosaur footprint and a human footprint side by side which is definitely unique. But, it also means that everything is wrong with history. Apparently humans and Dinosaurs didn't coexist and the fact that these exist means that we've caught out the people making up our history. Making it up because if it's incorrect then it is someones interpretation which is "making it up".

I like to believe in hatd evidence which I will always believe as opposed to an educated guess. Evidence always trumps the guess.

Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.
Nephilim Giants and their huge ancient footprints have set in stone.

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