Mars Discovery Of A Shoe Is Undeniable Alien Proof

A shoe has has been discovered on Mars which indicates is NASA afraid that life once existed on Mars for some unknown reason.

The best discovery on Mars to date by the Mars Rover in my view is not the great looking vistas or the unusual looking colours of the ground but the strange Alien artifacts like this shoe for instance.


Believe me, there's much more proof of Alien life having existed at one stage on Mars found in the Mars images from the amazing NASA Martian Rover Opportunity.

Yeah, I've been called stupid, insane and other remarks which is awful by any standards, right. I'm not going to write about it in detail - but you can probably already imagine and get an idea about that? All for what, saying what I see in these amazing Mars images.


As you may know, the first thing people say is *Pareidolia lol or "your seeing things" and yeah to a point they're right, I am seeing things - that are there, they exist and they look exactly or nearly spot on to what a shoe looks like here on Earth?

In this instance, this "so called rock" looks like a shoe and I am not alone on this or in the minority because many, many people see this and say "OMG" that's a shoe, but it's on Mars. How can that be? How did that get there?

Here is an earlier post that I wrote about - link "a herd of animals discovered on Mars".


See, what the world needs more than ever right now is people who think outside the box but what's more than that - people who aren't afraid to blog about it or talk about it and bring like minded people in the Ufology community together and where they can chat about it without ridicule or prejudice.

What the eye sees, the eye sees, right?

  • I can see a piece of leg bone sticking out of the top of this "shoe on Mars".
  • I can see what looks like shoe laces.
  • I can see a heel.
  • I can also see a shoe toe cap.
  • Overall I see lots of identifiable marks to make this stand out as a shoe for sure.
  • I'm like 96% convinced that this is a shoe discovered on Mars.

Date of the discovery on Mars was August 24th 2016.
Discovery source Aero.

What do you see in the image, which by the way is absolutely real and has an identifiable raw image number (SOL (day) 2152 - 1P319317490EFFABCXP2372L5M1 - L2L5L5L7L7) plus an archive page number, in the NASA archives. So, I absolutely stand with Scott C.Waring on this one from the website UFO Sightings Daily.

It looks like a shoe, a sports running shoe to be more specific and that just cannot be, right. It just cannot, in every aspect and in all seriousness of the event what we are looking at could rewrite everything we know about space!

How does it rewrite everything that we know? For starters, if life once thrived (it must of) on Mars and they had an industry, then they had an intelligent race of beings who mastered "at the very least" how to make shoes, lol.

What else did the Ancient Martians master?


So, everything you think you know and was a first in our history, probably wasn't!

The ancient people of Mars did it all first, maybe. There could of been a race of people on Mars before them and before them...

How deep do you want to go with this amazing Mars discovery because that is exactly what this boils down to and it's this which is what people do not talk about nearly enough as they should be talking about it, so it's exactly this which people think your "strange" if you talk about it.

Ancient Aliens existed on Mars, instantly you hear "your crazy" from somewhere in the sea of people and I really do mean a sea of people.

The video showing shoe on Mars is now above, top.

*Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects. Like seeing Unidentified Flying Objects in clouds. Like hearing hidden messages in music.

Source NASA Mars Rover Raw Data Archive for (Spirit and Opportunity).
Source HainanWel Sanya.
Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Reference Wikipedia "Pareidolia".


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  1. Why does NASA always tend to overlook or completely ignore the most amazing images from Mars? It seems like the better the strange images - the more NASA tries to distance itself from it? Why would that be the case, maybe they're afraid of telling the people that Aliens existed because they think it might blow our mind and we'll all stop working and descend in to chaos. Strange is the world, such as life. 🔴👽

  2. I've been looking for that shoe.The mate to it is in my closet.I got pretty loaded on my birthday 3 years ago and don't remember much.Just waking up the next day with 1 shoe.I hope NASA will return it to me when they get there.

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